Day 273

We are still recording the nightly wildlife visitations to our garden on a trail camera. So far we have identified the hedgehogs Harriet, Henrietta, Rodger, Mr.Munch, Mr.Twoscoops, and Slash.

Harriet was our first and visited for a quite a few nights, but we haven’t seen her since our return from Italy. Rodger was a one visit only, he impregnated one of the ladies and that was the last we saw of him. What a cad! Henrietta has been our longest regular visitor but for the past 2 nights she hasn’t turned up :/ and we are reasonably certain she was the pregnant one, so I guess she may be busy doing that. Mr. Munch visited for 3 nights but then no more, and both Slash and Twoscoops have been one nighters.

We have other occasional visitors, Sid the Snail, and Mini the Mouse, as well as the odd neighbourhood cat. We were, and still are, leaving hedgehog food- biscuits out in a dish on the patio which was fine while the weather was dry, but when it rains the biscuits go soggy, so I have devised a rather fetching shelter for it.

Day 273 ~ shelter

I’ve also ordered a Hedgeog House for the garden so they can snuggle up in that if they want.

In the menu of this blog you can click on Hedgehog Cam, and see some short videos from the cam, I only put them up when there’s a new hedgehog, or if something fun happens, so have alook if you want a cuteness shot in the arm.

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