Day 281

We are well into cold weather now, though no rain today. Over the past couple of weeks all my garden flowers have died, no more dahlias, viola or lilies left. But the begonia is blooming away, ignoring the fact that winter is coming, and I’m happy to see it when I look out the window.

Day 281 ~ Begonia not begoing.

Weird thing happened last night, all the hedgehog food had been eaten, but nothing was caught on the trail camera. Something must have a Cloak of Invisibility. We did catch a cat at 6am, but he/she didn’t go near the food tray. πŸ€”

20 thoughts on “Day 281

  1. Hi! I have been kind of silent, barely getting posts done in the last 19 days! Hope to be in the swing of things again. I did enjoy our vacation thoroughly, though! Glad you still have one flower to bring you beauty!

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  2. Nevermind the beautiful photo which I may sweetly request to shoplift from you for a future romantical poem…

    what the eff ate the hedgehog food? I like, NEED to know.
    Solve the mystery Sherlock Fraggleomes.
    I shan’t rest til you do!

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      1. Cool we need them! I googlied New Zealand hedgehogs and apparently they are an abundant pest over there interfering with native species. Over here their numbers are dwindling rapidly. Considering Brit expats introduced them to NZ I think it’s your civic duty to send them back! 😊

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