Day 283

I took a little walk up to our post office this afternoon, it’s not very far and I knew there would be some photo opportunities along the pathway. When I got there the chap behind the counter told me the post office was shut all this week and not open again until Monday. I am WTF?ing. In olden days they would have had holiday cover, but that was when the Post Office was in our local Londis and before it moved to our local Old Peoples Home. I think it isn’t a proper post office as it doesn’t show up on the post office web site as being a branch. Things ain’t what they used to be.

Never mind I got some autumnal shots of leaves and berries and the like on the way back. Hashtag silver lining πŸ˜€

Day 283 ~ fern and swirly bokeh

19 thoughts on “Day 283

  1. Nice fern!
    The nearest Post Office to me is in Gressenhall Village, two miles away. It is at the back of the village shop, and used to open five days a week, whenever the shop was open.
    Now it is only open on Monday afternoons, from 3 pm until 4:30. The lady told me that they don’t pay out benefits and pensions like they used to, due to bank transfer payments. Also few people buy stamps any more. Yet if I drive to the main post office in Dereham, there is always a huge queue, and five counters working flat out!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. …sign of the times…snail mail so decrepit they’ve moved it to a home….we only get deliveries every other day now, so what used to be pretty much an over night service through out the country now takes “3-5 working days”….in a city of 120.000 plus we’ve only got two post franchises left…they’ve removed heaps of our post boxes…and if we post to go across town, the item goes to another city…5 hours drive away …to get sorted and sent back!!!….(have tried sticking letters into my computer screen, but they just come back crumpled)… quote Frag”….”bonkers”.

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      1. …I think that’s what they’re angling for…and when we do, maybe we could do them a favour and take a couple of sacks worth that they’ve accumulated over the last couple of weeks….
        : )

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  3. Lovely fern!!! Always love your black and white.
    Our post offices here in the city are open as they have always been BUT…. they haven’t kept up their landscapes for years now. The post offices use to be some of the nicest buildings around, always well kept and manicured. Then the digital age hit and landscaping isn’t in the budget. They mow every now and then but that’s about it. Sigh.

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  4. I think in smaller areas the postal service is in a bit of decline, but I really do love our postal service in the US. They never fail me, and haven’t whether I lived on the end of a dirt road or in a populated area. It’s funny you should write about your service because I have been thinking very seriously of writing a post praising its service. Some branches are better than others, so I usually frequent the less central ones, and get great service, know the people, and am happy to use them.

    On the other hand, you can walk and take pictures to your branch (or what you might call it) and get some nice shots . . . me, I’d have to trek 10 miles along some rather busy streets to get to the on I like best – or 5 miles if I was feeling lazy. 😎

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  5. Fraggle, I am being dead serious now, no jokies promise.

    I really haven’t ever seen photography like yours before. There is something about it that always always gets me. I don’t know what you do, but it’s like….you give my eyes the sexies.

    I just LOVE what you do.
    Doesn’t matter what you’re taking photos of, they all have this same beautiful Fraggle touch.

    Okay I’m done! So imagine me closing this with something witty and hilarious

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  6. My first packet of cigarettes were bought in a Post Office! Didn’t they also run the telephone system back in the day? Beware a cashless society, it seems to have brought the downfall. I always thought that they could be housed in the Libraries, it’s where I often used to hang out once I cashed my Giro πŸ™‚

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