Day 284

I have kept this Basil plant alive for 3 days now, though I fear for it’s life. It needs so much water and I forget. So long as it lasts long enough to embellish my homemade tomato soup nexxt week, I will be happy.

Day 284 ~ Basil

Night-Garden News- we found out that we didn’t have a hedgehog with a cloak of invisibility, we had a rat. πŸ™„ No hedgehogs for a couple of days. We noted the rat, or Roland as he’s now known, visited at the same time every night, well morning really, 1.27am as it happens. So we made the decision to put hedgey food out, but take it in at bedtime. That night Roland came, got a bit confused when it wasn’t there and buggered off. Then half an hour later a HH turned up and so had no food. Groan. We did the same the next night but Roland didn’t turn up (hah we thought, sorted) but the HH did after the food was removed. So we went back to leaving it out and guess who turned up? but the HH didn’t. Back to taking the food in again at our bedtime. Over the past couple of nights we’ve had Mini-Mouse in the food bowl & Cyril snail, but the HH comes after the food is indoors. No further sign of Roland. We’ve also had visiting cats, Stripes & Mrs Fuffy, they know there’s mice living in our Bar-B-Q!! Any way if you need a laugh I keep the Hedgehog Cam (link in the menu up top) up to date with new characters and goings on.

I feel like I’m living in a wildlife programme, as at the front the happy eater tree is serving a herd of spuggies,blue & great tits , a couple of robins, 2 collared doves and a magpie. There were a couple of thrushes which I hadn’t seen any of in a long time, but not spotted those yet since the move back to the tree.

Off out with Sophie tomorrow to see a 14th century pele tower. I do love me some medieval architecture!

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