Day 286

Back to rain and gloom here today, it seems a bit extreme after such a lovely day yesterday, but it’s how we roll up here. Not very inspiring for photograhy, but todays Sunday Challenge group theme is bags, so I got out the macro lens and shot my roll of non P.C peddle bin bags. I suppose I ought to source a non plastic variety really. Sometimes it’s hard to be an eco-warrior.

Day 286 ~ rubbish bags

11 thoughts on “Day 286

  1. Lovely detail in the centre, FR.
    Bin bags are an issue, as not many shops around here sell non-plastic ones. Those are available online, but usually at least twice the price, if not more than that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Lol! I’m pretty sure that me or
    you or effing anyone not using plastic bin liners isn’t going to save the world from “global warming”. Yeah, I put in quotes πŸ˜†

    But like I said the other day, and you’ve proved my point, you can take a pic of anything and make it look so GOOD.

    They’re binliners, Frags.
    Bin. Liners.
    And they look so bloody good!
    Boggles and delights my little mind.

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