Day 294

Whilst wandering around the model show at the weekend, I came across a trader selling portable lightboxes for macro/small stuff photography. At Β£14.00 I didn’t think I could go wrong. And I didn’t! I set it up at home this evening just to try it out, and it’s very good and very neat as it packs up into a small bag about 8 inches square. Nope I don’t know what that is in cm but google would tell you :). It comes with 4 backgrounds, and has a dimmer switch for the lights, which you work via USB leads to your laptop. Here it is in action..

Day 294 ~ New toy.

Here’s the result,

and now I have to clean my lens as it showed up every bit of dust and dirt πŸ™„πŸ€£

Any ways this will be useful for Phil to photograph his little men or smaller tanks too, which is good as he paid for it 🀣.

I don’t think any macro photographers follow my blog, but just incase, here’s a link to their website and the for the lightbox CLICK HERE

23 thoughts on “Day 294

  1. There’s nothing like light to show up dirt and dust. My theory is that that’s why spring cleaning became a thing.I open the curtains on the first sunny day in spring and a room that looked clean the day before just looks neglected.

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  2. Macros and lightboxes are really great to have working together. It’s amazing how they show details – like dust! BTW, 4 inches = 10 cm (from knitting swatch info). Easy enough from that point forward. 8 inches is 20 cm. Or somewhere thereabouts. 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Etc.

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      1. Oh, I agree on the metric system – but didn’t England go metric some time ago? I know the US considered it but thought it would be too difficult for us to change. Canada is metric, I know that. And every country I think except the US! After all, it’s all about US all the time (it seems) . . .

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      2. Yes we went metric in the 70’s I think, but I was brought up with feet and inches, pints, pound and ounces and my brain sticks to that. For some unfathomable reason though I do celsius and not farenheit, and that’s just a glitch in my brain!

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      3. That’s pretty funny. I don’t have km and miles sorted, and F vs C stumps me. Having taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for many years, teaching our measuring system is quite hysterical. One thing I found – and still find – interesting is using weights instead of measuring cups for dry ingredients. I still use my measuring cups and spoons, along with “handful” and “egg shell” measurements.

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  3. I have one of those, I love how you can put any colored paper over the white sheet. About the lens don’t feel bad, once I read suggestions to shot lenses in these portable boxes (so popular with eBay sellers) it is easier to erase the dust in post with the healing tool.

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