Day 303

Tomorrow is Halloween, and while my hubby is bah-humbugging up in the tank room, I usually hang my flashing-light pumpkin outside the front door on the hanging basket hanger, have a load of sweets ready inside the front door, and take pictures of the mad kids that come round in daft costumes.

But not this year as we will be travelling down to the Cotswolds for a family wedding, and meeting up with some of them for dinner in the evening, a much more sedate occasion I think 🙂

I will be wearing a posh frock at the wedding, something I haven’t done since my own wedding 🤣 and the venue looks very smart, I will have to be on my best behaviour!

Day 303 ~ on the shelf

15 thoughts on “Day 303

  1. At least you will avoid the trick-or-treat fiasco, FR.
    (My tip, insist on a trick. That throws them!)
    Enjoy the wedding. You will look fine in your posh frock, even though you don’t think so!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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