Day 314

Sophie and I went to Tynemouth today, and visited the rather wonderful ruins of Tynemouth Priory & Castle. located on a rocky headland (known as Pen Bal Crag), overlooking Tynemouth Pier. The moated castle-towers, gatehouse and keep are combined with the ruins of the Benedictine Priory where early kings of Northumberland were buried. The sun was out and it was great to breath in 2000 years of history. This is just a bit of the site, more to come on the Universe blog, eventually.

Day 314 ~ Tynemouth Priory

18 thoughts on “Day 314

  1. So sharp, how lovely. It’s’ embarrassing – people from your country who came over to settle ours in its early days missed seeing stuff like this they built ruins. Built ruins! Not whole buildings, just pieces of buildings that look even a fraction like this.

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