Day 318

I am getting as bad as Pete moaning about the weather, but really, can this rain just stop now! Today I’ve been doing chores, this morning and this afternoon was spent in the shed, trying to take a photo with the LOTG people. I say trying because it was a dismal failure. Firstly I burnt my finger on my heater, then I couldn’t get the photo to go the way I was seeing it in my head, then I spilled the sand I use for groundwork over the floor, swept it up and spilled it again. Then when I was sweeping it up a second time I knocked my tripod over and made the top of it all wobbly so I couldn’t use it. 2 & 1/2 hrs wasted and a headache by the end of it. :/

My amazing hubby took the tripod apart and fixed it, he’s so cool, but I’d just had enough by then so will start again tomorrow. Though I feel like selling my cameras and taking up knitting! Thinking about it I was never any good at that either. Sigh.

Anyways, I do have a photo I took today, whilst I was washing up this morning the cloud at the back of the house thinned out just enough for the sun to poke through, and as it was tipping it down I knew there’d be a bow at the front of the house, so I ran upstairs and took a picture of it. It didn’t last long and that was the last I saw of any sun.

Day 318 ~ fekkin’ rain.

15 thoughts on “Day 318

  1. I doubt you will ever get as moany as me! I had to have the lights on all day, as It was like night time during the downpours. Then the sun came out, so I took Ollie over The Meadows. But despite the sun, it was still raining!
    Well done to Phil for fixing the tripod, and to you, for getting your rainbow shot. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pet.

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  2. I feel like there’s a deep and meaningful metaphor in a black and white rainbow…

    Nor sure what it is at the mo but let’s imagine I worked it out!

    so byootifullll, Fraggly


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