Day 324 ~ it’s the little things…

On Monday my little Noddy car warned me to check my tyres, so I went to the petrol station, took off the valve caps and put in the required amount of air in each tyre, only 4psi each so nothing too bad. Of course when I went to replace the valve caps I dropped one inside the alloy, won’t see that again! So, I cranked up ebay and typed in the search engine ‘valve caps for Fiat 500’ and found these little beauties and they were cheap as chips!

Day 324 ~ 500

Apparently you can tighten them with a little spanner so people don’t steal them, (because wicked people with half a brain and inbred faces do steal valve caps) but as Phil pointed out, I too wouldn’t be able to get them off without going through the rigmarole of using a spanner. 🙄 Anyways I will be applying them in daylight tomorrow and I’m stupidly happy with them.

Also the tyre pressure warning light came back on today so either the one missing a cap is leaking, or I’ve got a slow puncture somewhere. Sigh.

14 thoughts on “Day 324 ~ it’s the little things…

  1. My tyre pressure gauge is stil at the end of my boot 🙂
    I have to admit that they are cool caps though, I might get some for our ancient Panda just for a laugh, the most expensive part of it 🙂

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  2. It can also be your pressure sensor giving a false reading…a car fitter gave me an explanation (which I can only half remember) how these things work. Basically outside temperature fluctuations can change slightly the circumference of the tyre…sensor thinks..less air…gives warning. Happened to me..but pressures were ok.

    So it might be a slow puncture..but might not be.

    Cool caps. And yes..they do get nicked!!

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