Day 332

I’ve recently been putting together a little magazine with Blurb, regarding my trip to Tuscany. I haven’t used Blurb before, so their programme for compiling the zine was a steep learning curve, but an easy (ish) one, they have some excellent tutorials to help. I have used Mixbooks in the past for a couple of albums of holiday photo’s, but it’s nowhere near as comprehensive or versatile as the Blurb programme, which is called Bookwright. I did a magazine rather than a book, as they are cheaper, ๐Ÿ™‚ and I will make a series of our travels and keep them all together in something or other, a binder, or box maybe. Because of the tools in Bookwright, I have been able to add words over pictures and stuff, so I’ve done the magazine more or less like a blog post, with all the history and little nuggets added in amongst the pages. It arrived in the post today, and I am quite chuffed with how it’s come out! The quality of the reproduction of the photo’s is spot on, and the paper feels nice too. It’s in colour of course, but with some B&W shots too.

Day 332 ~ My zine

33 thoughts on “Day 332

  1. Wow! You must be so excited! Only recently am I beginning to give thought to such things as ‘zines. Good to hear your experience with Blurb / Bookwright is positive. And from this side of the pond, Happy Thanksgiving! B=)

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  2. Awesome, it looks very professional in deed. I have heard so many photographers recommend Blurb but I never actually looked into it. That’ll have too change now!
    So how much do they charge for postage then? ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I see. Thanks for looking it up. In the meantime have visited their beautiful website. They have a special offer 50% off until 2.12 … I can’t see me putting anything together until then, but it’s a great project for the future!

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