26 thoughts on “Day 348

      1. I didn’t expect Labour to win at all, the right- wing tory loving fatcats who own the media did a grand hatchet job on JC. I knew in my heart the Tories would get in as so many of the labour Brexit wanters became turncoats, I hope they’re happy with what they’ve done. I looked at the map of who got what and luckily I’m in a little oasis of Red in a big sea of blue, even Sunderland (who voted Leave bigly) couldn’t bring them selves to vote for that charlatan, but plenty in the North West did. Twats. Sorry. Not sorry 🀣 None of it matters I suppose, this country is broken and I’ll be dead by the time it’s mended, if it ever is.

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  1. Very creative…and we feel your pain. If its any consolation this long term swing to the right seems to be universal. Twats all over. By the way I am currently reading a book called the Salt Path. Check it out. Its the story of a journey that arise out of some of the issues raised by the current political climate but may life your spirits somewhat.

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