Day 365 ~ The End

So that is that. A 365 project is not always as easy as you’d think, it doesn’t sound hard, just one picture a day, but when the weather is pants and you’re knackered after a days work, sometimes the creative juices are nowhere to be found and you end up doing what I call ‘throw away’ shots. I don’t think I made too many of those, but more than I’d like.

I wanted to explore Black & White photography, as I’m such a colour junkie normally, and I think I’ve done OK there. I have shifted how I view things and have been constantly on the look out for light and shade, making more of contrasts than I used to do. I feel I’ve learned and grown into it.

So what next? As always I’ll be going on outings with Sophie and writing them up over on the Universe Blog. As well as that I will be delving more into my film photography, I did very little of that this year as outings and the 365 took up my photography time. This year I’m going to attempt one roll a month, so you won’t see anything much before mid February when the first roll gets developed, and then I’ll be doing a weekly post with some of the results. These will all go up on the Fragglefilm blog so if you are not following there go on over and click the Follow button ๐Ÿ™‚ !

I’ll still be popping up on here too with various bits and pieces.

Lastly I especially want to thank Pete, Kim, April and Naomi, who have commented on just about every photo I’ve posted here this year, I really appreciate that, that support meant a lot to me and helped keep me going. And thanks to anyone who liked my posts and popped in a comment occasionally too, you are also very much appreciated.

Happy New Year everyone and see you next year hopefully!

Day 365 ~ ready to go!

29 thoughts on “Day 365 ~ The End

  1. Awwww. Thanks for the mention. And thank you, too, for your comments chez moi.

    Film will be a hell of a lot of fun – my 365 too – or mostly – for 2020. How many film cameras do you have? If you only have a few, you will be in luck. I have a truck load so choices will be hard, but it will be fun to use them. Maybe one a week? Hmmm. Also, how do you plan to scan them? So many ways on the internet, from a Pakon to a flat bed, and then the software to get your best shot. Or do you have them scanned? Finally – which film to shoot????? C41 black and white film is always a good choice – quick turn around.


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    1. I have a fair few, but won’t use all of them, I have favourites ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve recently discovered a wonderful site
      that stock film from all over the world, so am going to do a fair few different ones when I’ve used up what I have in stock- (mostly fujifilm superior extra and kodak portra) check the site out- they post to anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚
      I use Digitalab for scanning, they win awards for their services most years and luckily for me are in Newcastle, also with Analogue World there’s a discount for using them with their films.

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      1. I’ve seen before and have considered using them – shipping is fairly reasonable if I recall. I would use them for more than one roll of film, certainly. In the US I use B&H Photo Video mostly, out of NYC. Amazon, too, if their price is right – sometimes it becomes ridiculously high. I pay 6-7 USD for processing, but scan my own film. It’s great that your film resources are nearby and work together, both to your advantage!

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  2. An amazing accomplishment!!!! Making that kind of commitment and then sticking to it…. WOW!!!! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing your film explorations. Happy New Year!

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  3. Thanks for sharing your project with us, dear Fragglerocking. The one is printed in my mind is the web over the wooden surface under a strong sun. It feels so dense that I can see the sunlight as if it were in color. Much success this year : )))

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