R.I.P Billy

Most of you here are regular visitors, so will have seen pictures and read my missives on Billy The Deaf Dog who belonged to Brenda my boss at work, and who came to work with her every day.

He died late on Friday night. Although he’d been unwell several weeks before, the vet had sorted him out with pills and potions, and he was right as rain. On Friday he’d been with B to visit a friend who also had a little dog, and they played together and Billy was happy. Then on Friday night while B was watching TV, Billy jumped up on the chair nearby, settled himself down, and died.

I am going to miss his visits to my clinic room, which has the fridge where his treats were kept. He was a big fan of cooked chicken and ham and I would give him a tasty morsel now and again, and I’ll miss tickling behind his soft and floppy ears and looking into those soulful brown eyes. He was an easy dog to fall in love with.

Goodbye my special little friend. 💔

23 thoughts on “R.I.P Billy

  1. Farewell to little Billy. He had a good life, and was loved. Still so sad though.
    This morning, our neighbours had to have their Collie Paddy put to sleep. He was 16, and couldn’t walk anymore.
    We are losing a lot of great dogs recently, that’s for sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Nice tribute to a good companion. It’s heartbreaking – anyone with a pet knows – but the wonderful things about them can be remembered, often with the help of photos.

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