February 23rd ~ Movie Monday

Well this one was a bit of a surprise, Phil’s choice for Thursday was Rambo First Blood (1982), a blast from his past. I have never been a Rambo fan, Sly never did it for me, too many bulging veins and his face is a bit too wonky, (nice hair though) but this is the deal, Phil does Thursdays, I do Saturdays. So in we went, tooled up with some beverages, and me ready for a rampage through the jungle. Except it wasn’t, that’s Rambo 2 or 4 or maybe 5, this one is the story of when John Rambo returns to America from Viet Nam, goes to visit an old comrade who has since died, and on walking away then gets picked up by the big bad Sherriff played brilliantly by Brian Dennehey. Things go bad quite rapidly, the Sherriff is a meanie and arrests him, the cops at the station treat Rambo like a piece of poop, Rambo is suffering from wartime flashbacks, and PTSD so bad-a-boom it all kicks off. Lots of fighting, survival stuff, some fantastic explosions, and then the unexpected ending, which really made the film for me (and which I’d love to spoil but someone somewhere might be living under a rock when they read this). Mixed views from the critics, but it won at the box office.

Sly did OK, he looked the part and grunted well, Dehenney was great, and though Richard Crenna in the part of Rambo’s old army boss Trautman won lots of praise for his performance, Phil thought he came across cartoonish, but I could apply that to quite a bit of the film.

Fun Fact: in a 2011 article for Blade Magazine by Mike Carter credit is given to the Rambo franchise for revitalizing the cutlery industry in the 1980s; due to the presence of the Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben knives used in the films. (wiki)

I really enjoyed it, our version is a remastered one on bluray, but it still looked old school analogue, and if nothing else it shows how far action movies have come since 1982.

Onwards to Saturday, and while we have got to the end of the Marvel movies until the next phase begins, we can always go back to DC movies, and in this particular case, the best one yet. Wonder Woman (2017). Gal Gadot takes the title role, and she is just wow, drop dead gorgeous, fit as a duck, and can really act too. Chris Pine is the hero and he’s quite nice to look at too, but this is Wonder Womans movie, and it’s in my top 2 Superhero movies of all time so far.

The plot is ridiculous, of course it is, there are badass wonderful Amazon ladies, a bad Greek God, funny- haha spy type people, and a mad woman poisoner, not your average movie characters. But Superhero movies are not really about plots, like James Bond movies are not, there are goodies and baddies and the goodies win. Wonder Woman is set in World War 1, and Phil was impressed with how they filmed the trenches, and the accuracy of German WW1 uniforms ( 🙄🤣 ) London was done really well, they made it look like London in wartime, and we paused on the long shot to see all the detail of what was going on.

Gal Gadot shines, you can easily believe in her as Wonder Woman for a couple of hours, she underwent a diet and training regimen for the part, practiced different martial arts and gained 17 pounds of muscle for the role. Originally cast in Justice League, with Batman et al, Gadot got a bit of backlash from the ‘fans’ about her appearance, 😳 but Zach Snyder the director defended his choice well when he said Gadot “is strong, she’s beautiful, and she’s a kind person, which is interesting, but fierce at the same time. It’s that combination of being fierce but kind at the same time that we were looking for”. Gal Gadot pulls that off with great aplomb.

Well directed, well acted, beautifully filmed and a fab score by Rupert Gregson-Williams, what’s not to love?

12 thoughts on “February 23rd ~ Movie Monday

  1. That first Rambo film was something different back then. I always liked Brian Dennehy in most things he was in, and although Rambo was obviously contrived, it was enjoyable. I didn’t have much time for any of the sequels though.
    Oh, and that Wonder-something film, glad you liked it. 🙂 🙂
    (Have you seen Brian in this true-life drama? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105604/ Worth watching.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’m afraid Phil has a couple of more Rambo’s to do before we finish 🙂 hadn’t seen the true-life thing will have a looksee.
    I think you’d actually like Wonder Woman knowing your taste in wimmin 😀


  3. I recently acquired the latest Rambo film, I think its scored about 3 on IMDB, just for the hell of it and to remind me of the old ones that I devoured back in the 80’s, each one more ridiculous than the other, but great entertainment at the time. I dont know if I will ever watch this latest one, but its there just in case 🙂
    Wonder Woman was top notch and I hadn’t even realised how crazy the plot was until you mentioned it, I was happy to believe it all for the duration and hope one day to be saved\rescued by Gal Gadot 🙂

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  4. My favorite Rambo movie is the one in Afghanistan, in the end they send a message to the brave Taliban that are fighting the Russians, what they didn’t know is that the U.S. would fight in vain the same war x,D

    I saw Wonder Woman, I think as a movie intended for women it is a good one (in movies intended for boys, like Transformers, a boy can relate with the protagonist that is humanly flawed and get in love with the perfect heroine; in movies for women the ladies are humanly flawed and get in love with an ideal man. Of course that doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy movies not intended for other audience) the only thing i didn’t like was the head of the old gentleman in the body of a bodybuilder as it was like a scene of Leslie Nielsen for The Naked Gun xP

    “Gadot got a bit of backlash from the ‘fans’ about her appearance” I doubt it. Media uses much nontroversy, you check who said what and it is just an anonymous guy on Twitter with three followers. I collect comic books and know groups of persons that do, so far she was a good and faithful representation to the character, although for nostalgia I still love Lynda Carter.


  5. First Blood is surprisingly good and surprisingly grounded, given what came after. I was just a kid when it came out so it was so different than the Rambo that was marketed to me in action figure form from First Blood Part 2, etc.

    And Wonder Woman is phenomenal. I’m so excited for the sequel this summer, the trailer is perfect!

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