The Corona Chronicles ~ 4

Into week four of lockdown, and though it feels like it’s been forever, I still haven’t really ‘settled’ into it. No routine has popped up, the yoga went out the window when I pulled a muscle in my back 🙄 but at least the house is spotless and the washing done! They’ve just announced the lockdown is to continue until at least the beginning of May which is 2 or 3 weeks away, but I’ll be surprised if it’s lifted even then. The incompetancy of the government has never been so obvious/staggering/unbelievable – delete as applicable (I still can’t stop myself reading the news daily) the latest is our Health secretary launching a green enamel badge with CARE written on it, for carers in the community to buy themselves to make them feel appreciated. You couldn’t make this up. The care badge is the idea of a consortium of business people in the care business who run care homes, the chairman of it owns several of the homes. His instagram feed looks like something out of Hello magazine. They run Care England, a registered charity, apparently the leading representative body for independent care services in England. Charity my arse.

Phil was refitted for a FFP3 mask on Sunday so is now able to do his job and also to work in ICU if required. His shifts change constantly as people go sick so he’s been off all this week as he’s now covering the weekend instead of his normal shifts this week. As it’s been sunny for a few days (mostly) even if quite chilly, he’s got the garden up to scratch.

Battling the Leilandi.

He also had to go to ASDA to pick up his eye drops prescription and did a full shopping thing whilst he was there, Took me a good 1/2 hour to wash it all down in the garden and pass it through the window for Phil to put away! We must look like mad people to our neighbours, but after reading about people licking their hands and wiping them over products on the shelves in shops, I don’t really care. My hands have cracked open in a couple of places from all the handwashing so am going to have to use gloves more often indoors.

I’m still doing a bit of photography. I have to post a ‘fast shutter speed’ photo in the 52 frames group on Sunday so my ‘diving Homers’ last week were a good practice and I spent 4 hours yesterday dropping things in various receptacles. It’s not easy as I only have wrong size vases, I really need a fish tank, and no flash, but the sun was so bright I did it outside with a reflector instead. Out of nearly 500 shots I only got 6 useable ones, have narrowed it down to 2 but can’t decide which I like best and I can only post one, let me know if you have a preference!

Red Pepper Meteor
Tumbling Dice

Hedgehogs are still visiting the garden and I’m keeping their Youtube channel up to date, you can find the link on the home page of this blog, don’t think it shows up in the reader though. We’ve seen some in the flesh so to speak on the past couple of evenings and it’s cool to hear them crunching on their biscuits and see them running along on their little legs, they don’t half shift when they want to. Hope we get hoglettes this year!

I’m keeping in touch with Sophie, we are really missing our outings and I feel bad for her as her chap Mentat lives in Spain and is in lockdown there. Although they use Skype to talk it’s not the same, and with no end in sight of getting together in the near future it’s hard for them both.

My great friend Kathy who moved to Florida for good with her hubby on Saturday facetimed me today and that was just brilliant. When all this is over we are planning get togethers both here and over there. Something to look forward to.

Have just stood outside and heard the estate clapping, honking car horns, setting off fireworks, all to support the key workers, it’s quite amazing to hear it, we don’t of course, Phil is far too cool to clap and he just wants everyone to stop clapping and stop voting Tory, that would be thanks enough for him. Anyway that’s it for this week, it’s Phil’s Thursday night movie tonight, he hasn’t told me yet what it is, he does like to make it a surprise 🙂

Hope y’all are staying frosty,

and here’s a pretty to finish with

Wardley Sunset 15th April 2020

37 thoughts on “The Corona Chronicles ~ 4

  1. Red pepper photo for me- all the way! (Both excellent shots)
    Get a big plastic sheet for under the leylandi when you cut it. They are easy to buy in DIY shops, Wilko, or on Ebay/Amazon. Saves picking up the clippings by hand. You use it like a chute, straight into the garden bin. Type in ‘Hedge Clippings Sheet’.
    Glad to hear Phil got a proper mask at long last, and I agree that care homes being charities is complete bollocks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I used one for years. Then when I paid a guy to do the job this year, he brought one too. So, the pros use them. 🙂 I would post you my old one, but it would probably cost as much as buying one.

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  2. Glad you and Phil are staying safe, I’m so sorry to hear about your back, and sounds like your hands are pretty sore too! 😦 Do you have some Vaseline or body butter? I found that has helped keep my hands in livable condition at least from all the washing! How nice to talk to a friend in Florida too – that always helps. Stay safe and well, thinking of you guys! (and I LOVE that photo with the dice, super cool)

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  3. Thank goodness Phil has a proper mask. You must be both breathing a cautious sigh of relief.

    Tom and I have been doing the same thing with our groceries. I stand by the door, wipe them down, and he puts them away. It’s working quite well so far.

    For dry hands, I’ve had luck with Aveeno hand cream and wearing cotton gloves to bed.

    Florida’s right next door to me. Just sayin!

    I have to go click on the hedgies! I love hedgehogs!

    I like both pics, my vote goes to the red pepper. I love it’s bold color as it hits the water.

    And finally, blimey! That sunset! How gorgeous!

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    1. Ooh you managed to get in! I have some beeswax hand cream seems to be helping but that’ll run out soon so I’ll look for Aveeno. When I get to USA I’ll try and pop in for a cuppa! Thanks for the vote, the pepper wins! 😘 enjoy the hedgehogs.

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  4. Another vote for red pepper 🙂
    I listen to the daily gov briefing and whilst they seem well organised press conferences its clear that they are hiding the clear fact that there isn’t enough testing or PPE in the UK. Why cant they just admit it? Mind you we have a govenrment that seems to be in total denial so I’m not sure which is worse.

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  5. I’m glad that Phil finally has something useful at work.

    I have eczema on my hands, so I’ve got tubs of E45 cream. They seem to be holding up. I also wear gloves for housework and washing-up, which helps even more.

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  6. Thinking of you CJ. I’ve posted on here for the first time since this began.
    I don’t care what Phil thinks …he deserves the bloody applause!!

    I agree on government. Haven’t.A.Clue. I’m sure they honestly thought it would pass us by!!

    And those CARE badges.. they have to be paid for (I believe!!)

    Stay Safe!

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  7. I think I like the dice better, but only because of the overall atmosphere…it projects calmness despite the high action. The red pepper is gorgeous but jarring to me. They are both very good photos if only because they manage to extract an emotional reaction out of me 🙂

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  8. That’s some heavy-duty “gardening” Phil was doing. 😀 Impressive.
    Baby hedgehogs? I can’t wait. I know how sad it is to lose a friend — particularly when times are already trying. It sounds like a happy change for them, though and that helps. I really like the splash photos — amazing work. Thanks for this newsy post, Fraggle. That glorious sunset was a fabulous finish. It was great to catch up with you.

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