The new editor for WP

All well here so far, nothing new to report, we still have hedgehogs, we still have a broken magpie. Apparently the old classic editor is being superceded by the new block editor, and that will happen on June 1st. Or not, I’ve also read that it isn’t happening until 2021, so who knows.

When ever it comes, it seems to be upsetting older people, and long term users of WP who are used to the classic editor. I’ve been using it since it came out, so long now that I can’t remember what the old editor was like! The Guttenberg one has been through a few changes, and it really isn’t hard to use. Seriously folks, it’s no big deal. We olduns just don’t like change, or are scared of the unknown when it comes to tech, but we are all capable people when it comes down to it. The new editor isn’t hard to use, it’s just different.

I made an idiots guide for writing, inserting pictures or videos, so here it is if you want to see how easy it is.


  1. I knew they were putzing with the editor, which was sort of glitchy. Hopefully this one will be smooth. Thanks for the tutorial. Now I know what you sound like! Me, well, nothing so elegant – very nasal and such!

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  2. Great to hear you – and, unlike Pete, I could hear you. Thank you, you make it sound so very simple. I’m still hoping it won’t happen on June 01 but if it does, I’ll be back here to double check what to do.

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  3. I saw the notification pop up today. I will go kicking and screaming. As a web designer, I understand but I believe this is not a good fit for all bloggers. I may be part of the ninja resistance!

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    1. I think I’ll see your Ninja and raise you a Borg, Resistance is Futile 🙂 seriously, it is the easiest editor I’ve ever used, WP is my 3rd blogging platform and the one I’ve stayed with, I made myself change from the classic when the new one came in so I would be ahead of the curve, it’s had a few teething problems (what software doesn’t?) but it’s just a doddle to use now.

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      1. Yes, I can do posts quite a lot faster than before, and move things about if I change my mind instead of copy/delete/post somewhere else. There’s a lot more to it than the classic editor, yet you can keep it as simple as you need it to be. The tutorial I did is just for writing, posting pics and videos, (which is mostly what I do) and I am still experimenting with some of it but not posting those while I try out other features. I know it’s a pain in the bum when things change that you’re used to, but really it is easy to keep this simples.

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  4. The thing I missed most when first using the new version was the inability to change colour of a single word pr phrase of text within a paragraph and that was the most common reason for me using the Classic Block (which I notice moves further down the list of blocks with each update). Since the last update, you can now change text colour within the default Paragraph block by clicking on that little down arrow in the formatting bar and Text colour is in that list of options.
    The other thing I missed was that “Read More” line to cut off the amount of text that goes out in your email.
    Having now actually found and read the WP support page that says they are retiring it on June first (and, yes, the first one I found DID say 2121…) I discover – among the FAQs – that you can now add the “Read more” cut-off as a separate block.
    tha Support page about it is at

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  5. But are they simply updating the newest block editor and keeping the original classic editor alongside as they have now? I work a lot using the html screen which is why I prefer the classic one.

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    1. There is an option in your admin to use the new Classic editor, which is just like the old classic, except where the little tag saying HTML is, it says ‘text’, but does the same thing I think.

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  6. I don’t know why I’m surprised that you sound like my friend Jill, since you come from the same part of the world, but I am.

    I’m encouraged to see that it looks fairly straightforward, but I type a lot of my posts in Word and then copy them into WP. I’d better redo tomorrow’s post in the new editor to make sure that I can do it.

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    1. Hi again April, I just tried to copy and past a 3 page word document into the new editor and it works fine. Just add your title first, then go to where it says ‘start writing’ and paste, it all goes in! Sorted.

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  7. I don’t like it! Could avoid it up to now but now I feel the end times are near. When I start a blogpost I expect to find just an empty page, like in a rtext processor, Libre Office word or sumsuch. And then add my graphics n stuffz. Last time I looked 99% of WP users were up in arms against fukn Gutenberg Editor. I even think it’s quite heretic to even namel the new stupid editor after the man who changed books forever … to the better and easier. While WP just forces us into more streamlined blogging. How boring. :/ And counterproductive. 😦

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      1. I am on the classic editor, but really afraid of the day they will make the switch and rule the classic editor out. You know any good blogging system you can recommend? I didn’t find anything suitable yet. And, no, I won’t go back to that Google shitblog!!! 😐

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      2. I know of other blogging systems, I used to be on weebly and also blogger, but even if you go to another you’ll still have to learn a new system you know, none of those have anything like the classic editor on them, though they do have drag and drop systems. What do you need from your blog Orca, do you do more than writing and posting pictures/video’s, if so let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

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  8. I’m may be resistant to change. But I’m also resistant to complication. I’ve used WordPress for 17 years. I just want to write paragraphs and insert images. I never use the visual editor. I don’t want blocks. This isn’t Mindcraft.

    A large group or users have decided to fork the code because of the block editor.

    Also, the comments about old people feels ageist. You have no idea about the ages of people.

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    1. I am not ageist, I’m old and don’t like change, as a lot of the people I know through the blog feel the same so I do know about the ages of people. I just don’t think the new one is complicated and have used it for ages without any stress so was just trying to help those who feel the same. The classic editor is still going to be an option if you choose it in admin.

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