Corona Chronicles ~7

Well my Corona Vacation is over after the weekend, and I have been called back to work next week. Not only that but I’ll be working full time for a couple of weeks as there is a list of 70 people waiting for me to do their earwax removal. Sigh. My boss has put/is putting new flooring in my little cinic- vinyl instead of the carpet that was there, and new furniture so things can be shut away. We will have PPE and a protocol in place whereby the client must come alone, do the handrub thing, wear a mask, and I will have a special mask and gloves and apron. I think it will be stressful to start with and then I’ll get used to it, just must make sure the patient is comfortable and feels safe (which I don’t, but they have to). I am dreading more hot weather, it’s already uncomfortable in my little room when it’s sunny, even without wearing all the extra gear. Roll on autumn!

It’s been nice here in my little cocoon of safety, haven’t done much really, lately haven’t even done much photography, just a few insta’s and iphone shots of Phil doing stuff. 🙂 He’s been on holiday for 2 weeks and also goes back next week. He’s been very productive whilst off, putting up a new shelf in my shed for me

new shelf

and painting our conservatory

it’s easy being green
doing the rose stencils

and also repairing the worn concretey stuff that seals the conservatory roof to the house

health and safety fail

and now we’re just going to enjoy our last weekend together before re-entering the new scary world.

I’ve been compiling a book of my travels through France last year, which we should have been doing again last week, and done a blog post for Sunday which took 3 afternoons to sort out.

Our hedgehog visitations are many and with a few different ones, the video channel gets updated once a week now, but I’m going to share this one here as it’s just too funny.

The news here in the UK is quite silly. Dominic Cummings the Prime Minister’s special advisor broke lockdown rules and lied his head off about it. Big uproar in the press and social media- off with his head kinda stuff, which, to be honest should have happened way before corona came along, but he’s superglued to Boris and it’ll hurt Boris too much to separate them. To try and shut the press up about Dominic’s transgressions, Boris has decided we can all meet up in groups of 6 in our gardens, still keeping 2 meters apart, but no-one is allowed in your house. I’m sure grandparents all over the land will make an outside toilet for the little ones to use.

The party people on our estate have been having BBQ’s all along anyway with all the great weather we’ve been having, so far they’ve stayed alive. Some but not all kids are supposed to go back to school next week, but our grandkids will not be, and a lot of others won’t be too. Parents not yet ready to believe in the govt advice and schools not sure how to cope. It’s a mess. Seoul in S.Korea sent their kids back a couple of weeks ago and are now in lockdown again because of the subsequent surge in cases. And I’m reading about 2nd waves in Japan & China, Germany etc etc. I think this is going to see-saw for ages, this thing isn’t giving up or going away anytime soon.

All we can do, is look after ourselves as best as we can as no bugger else will.

Stay well people, ♥️

18 thoughts on “Corona Chronicles ~7

  1. Can’t you take a fan into work to keep you cool? The customers might appreciate it too.
    I remember my dad telling me to never pick up a hedgehog, as they get covered in fleas underneath. Looks like he was right.
    I saw a dead one today, over on Hoe Rough. It had a sad little face.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Phils getting very handy, next time you are over I have a few jobs for him 🙂
    Looks like Hedge needs some ear wax removal!
    I was wondering if the obvious distraction tactics of Boris would be picked up (lets put the lives of everyone at risk so that they stop picking on me and my mate Cummings!)
    Stay safe

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