Corona Chronicles ~ 9

It’s been a few weeks since I did an update, so here’s number 9. I’m now in my 8th week back at work and it’s not letting up. I’m getting through 48 patients a week, and have got a routine down pat now. Masks are compulsory of course and I’ve got used to wearing one for most of the day, though when I have a plastic apron and my headlamp on I get uncomfortable and hot, but I’d rather that than be unprotected. So far no virus detected so although I’m certainly not blasรฉ I’m also not too worried.

Phil is more worried as it’s so difficult in the full bifta, with face shields, masks, gowns and xray lead gowns to cope with, he is dreading a 2nd wave.

We have had an entertaining 4 weeks at home however. At the beginning of June Sophie got on a plane and went to Spain to visit her chap Mentat. They hadn’t seen each other for 3 months due to the lockdowns first there and then here. She was only going for 2 weeks and asked me to have her 2 cats whilst she was away and of course I said yes. Then the flight she was on got cancelled but they gave her an earlier one so that made it 3 weeks, and then her home flight was re-arranged for later and we’ve ended up with them for a month! Today when I get home Phil and I will return them.

They are a funny pair, Vinnie is HUGE and just wants to eat and sleep


and Winnie is small, doesn’t eat a huge amount and is mad as a box of frogs, chasing balls, up a height, here, there and everywhere!

Winnie on top of a door ๐Ÿ™„

They’ve been no trouble, well maybe there was an incident when Winnie climbed the curtains


and a few times we couldn’t find her


they like sleeping a lot, especially in the sunshine


and Winnie loves being in a box

or in a plastic bag

but her favourite spot is our Herky’s old place of preference

Vinnie really liked Phil


and he can do the cute thing too

and he made us laugh as he is too big for the cat toilet Sophie provided and has to stick his head out the door!


It took Vinnie 2 days to come out from under our bed when he first arrived, but Winnie just got straight into everything. We’ve had to keep doors and windows shut as she is an escape artiste extraordinaire, which hasn’t been easy, so am looking forward to opening up the conservatory again when it’s warm. But we will miss them when they’ve gone home, it’s been so nice to have pets for a while.

But no, we won’t be getting our own, we still haven’t forgotten the trauma of Skye & Storm, and are not ready to be open to that again, and maybe one day we’ll be able to go on holiday again too!

Talking of which, it’s my birthday next month and it’s traditional to go away for that. We’re going to stay in Jedburgh for a couple of nights, a place not too far away but somewhere I’ve wanted to take my camera for a long time, so will look forward to that.

The garden wildlife is still ongoing, not as many hedgehogs as there were in spring when it was hot, but June and July have been pretty dismal regarding rain so the Hedgeies probably have enough natural food, the bugs and stuff. We have had an unexpected visitor though,

He was a bit of a surprise!

And that’s all my news!

20 thoughts on “Corona Chronicles ~ 9

  1. I was wondering where the cats came from!I got a got for my Mum about a month ago and she is just like Winnie…getting into all sorts of scrapes. I think you shoudleave the curtains like that…so stylish! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I like a pet that sleeps a lot!
    Pickle would sleep for most of the day in har last year, but she was almost seventeen. Since the pup arrived Smidgeon is getting up later in the mornings – and she’s only a year and a bit herself. The floor is littered with dead toys and eviscerated puppy bed – it’s like having toddlers (as far as I can recall).

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  3. Cats never cease to amaze! I wonder how they get the places they do – but snakes that escape are far worse! The snap with the ears is by far my favorite. Fun series. And Mr. Fox is interesting to see in suburbia. Here we get coyotes – are foxes often found in suburbia?

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  4. My daughter has two cats โ€” one a โ€˜tree dwellerโ€™ and one a โ€˜cave dwellerโ€™. So interesting, their different behaviors. I love our trail camera โ€” such great insight into our night world.

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  5. Cats…they can get in the craziest places and be enamored with the craziest things. We have a soft, cuddly, and maniacal bob-tailed “kitten” who is the sweetest/craziest cat we’ve ever had. He keeps us entertained but boy is he dense! ๐Ÿ™‚

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