WTH?? Spam edition

Like most WeePees, I check my spam folders now and again, not very often so I usually end up with between 10 and 20 spams to delete, such interesting things as “There are different nozzles for various sorts of
jobs plus some models have pressure adjustment settings.
” and “This helps your son or daughter understand your town, somewhat about basic geometry, and helps save money too. Making sure the shoulders stay square at impact lets you solid and consistent golf shots”.

You know the type of thing, that and adverts for sex aids, sports clothing, and the ubiquitous ‘I can help you grow your blog/build your SEO’ the usual rubbish.

So I was surprised when I checked tonight that there are 767 comments in my Spam folder on the Universe blog. 767!! Seriously 😳🥴Every single one says the same thing. “Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?” Translated means “Thank you very much. How do I log in?” There are 5 more on this blog too, just the same. Not all of them are direct to my blog, some are in answer to other peoples comments on the blog. They are all from the same address, ssemarketing.com so I am not worried that some poor little Spanish guy is wondering how to log in to his account (took me ages to find out how when I first started blogging 🙂 )and can only assume it’s some overproductive bot of some description. But why it’s chosen my little blog is beyond me, and why it thinks 767 of the same comment would get through the askimet filter is another mindboggle.

Check your spam people, it might be an invasion!

17 thoughts on “WTH?? Spam edition

  1. I have had around 60-90 of those Muchas Gracias spams every day, for most of this year. I searched the origin, and they originate from Russia. I clear the Spam about three times a day, otherwise there would be thousands, just from that ‘bot’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It seems today is especially bonkers, Raistlin has had an invasion too. I bet the bot has gone through your contacts and infiltrated our connections. That’s how they work I think. Time to join the Sparm Army 🤣 Cap’n Raistlin is in charge!

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  2. It’s an invasion alright…no kidding here: I had 1060 of these in my spam folder….we should prepare for war. Bring out the troops and the ray guns. I will take first watch😂😂
    Seriously though….this was totally nuts! Never seen this many spams in one day from the same person/persons/whatevers.😊

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  3. I’ve been getting those too, Fraggle. The amount of spam I get has quadrupled lately. I will say that WordPress is doing a good job of getting them into the spam folder, and only a couple that were friends (not spam). It’s irritating though.
    I’ve noticed a lot of them will latch onto one particular post or another. One of my posts (spam replies on one certain blogger’s comment)… It was an old post ant not important, so I just deleted the entire post. That helped a good deal. Although I don’t want to do that with other posts…
    Hugs on the wing.

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  4. I haven’t had that particular problem yet, but spam has got a lot worse lately. I suppose the more posts you have the more there is for them to attach themselves to. Since some valid comments get sent to spam, I have to look at at least the first line of each one to check that they really are spam before I delete them. Tedious, but better than having spam comments scattered around the posts.

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  5. Bienvenidos a Miami. jeje, that Spanish sounds a bit stiff. I am receiving some comments too, polite but obviously there is not a human in the other side seeing the content, just repeating some words to get clicks. I suspect your blog is more popular than you think n.n, and I don’t mean among bots.

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