I’m invisible.

I’ve left a fair few comments on people’s blog posts today, yet when I go back to the sites, the comments are not there. Then I get a notification from Raistlin, that he found two of my comments in his spam. I assume that’s where all my other comments went too, so if I’m a ‘regular’ on your blog, and I’ve not appeared, I’ll probably be in your spam bit. Dunno how long that’s going to go on.

43 thoughts on “I’m invisible.

  1. Goddamn WordPress goblins eating the comments again. Idk why this happens but it’s happened to me too and it’s so random. That flaw aside I am relieved to see that they have enabled us to use the Classic Editor version with the advent of their new stupid block editor thingamajig. I tried that new format a few times and damn it is not very intuitive and user-friendly

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    1. This is the first time I’ve had a comment eating issue in 8 years, and I’ve been using the block editor since they inaugurated it so have learnt it’s mysterious ways. I figure I’ve done well to escape they glitches for so long, I suppose it was inevitable that they’d catch up with me in the end! 🤣

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    1. You can go to your comments section on the wordpress dashboard. (Or at WP Admin) When you press that, you will see that you can also access the comments that are marked as spam. (Some of these are quite hilarious by the way) but you will also find normal comments from other bloggers. I’m having the same issue as Fraggle at the moment😢

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  2. I’ve noticed the WordPress spam filter is being a bit more aggressive that usual at the moment. I’m trying to keep a bit of a closer eye on my spam folder


  3. I took my time till find the spam folder, there are just the usual bots but, fortunately, not you. I suspect is due to WordPress trying to migrate to cellphone experience. Now the system doesn’t accept my likes when I am in the web page of the blogs, I need to like them in the reader :l
    I prefer though to visit the web pages because I can take my time to read well the posts, I think cellphone apps are meant to check in a couple of seconds, like, recharge likes and go to next post as if one were a machine gun of likes xP
    Anyway, hopes glitches get solved : )

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