Not the 365 ~ Storm Arwen

Arwen was a beautiful elf lady who was in love with Aragorn in Lord of The Rings by J.R.R.TOLKEIN (for heavens sakes NOT G.R.R.Martin you complete numpty Fraggle!) On 27th November Arwen was a storm, with winds hitting 90-100mph up in Northumberland and not much less than that a bit further down here in Tyneside. Scotland and the North East were hit the worst, but most places had it pretty bad. Lots of homes still without electricity, 8 days later, and you can’t book a roofer for weeks at the minute. We did OK, lost a few branches from the jasmin plant, one of the hedgehog’s water dishes is M.I.A presumed dead, and we gained a grey plastic lid of indeterminate origin. The lady in the corner shop told me it was like the Wizard of Oz movie in her garden as first the roof and then the sides of her garden shed went flying through the air, followed by it’s contents. She did hand movements and everything, and she was laughing as she did so. People are resilient here.

I’ve seen a couple of trees uprooted on my way to work since the storm, one ripped up the pavement (sidewalk) and was leaning against the house it had been in front of, it’s naked branches holding on to the roof, but I couldn’t see any damage to the roof at least, the tree though. So nothing hugely bad, and nothing in the same league as Hurricane This, That or The Other in America.

Today Sophie and I went off to Chillingham Castle, and as it happens it was closed, but on the walk to the car park to the castle we were astonished at the carnage that Arwen has wreaked upon the ancient trees in the grounds. Blocked pathways where bits of woodland walk have collected debris, a tree completely blocking one of the entrances to the grounds. No-one died, the castle is fine, no-one lost their home, but it saddened me so that these trees that have been there for hundreds of years, will no longer reach for the sky.

28 thoughts on “Not the 365 ~ Storm Arwen

  1. Actually, it’s JRR Tolkein! Didn’t Martin write something else as long and fantastical?

    Anyway, it truly is sad to see the damage Mother Nature is wreaking worldwide, and such old trees are hard to see lost. We have lost our beautiful 2000+ year old redwoods, our old oaks locally, and animals, too, to wildfires. Winds are scary because they come in so many forms – hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, and just the wild East Winds (Santa Ana winds). You have my sympathy. Our poor planet. Seeing your local devastation is heartbreaking.

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  2. Nature is not kind, that’s for sure. Glad to hear you got off so lightly though.

    and those B&W pix are great. I really like b&w pix for some reason. I never grew up with them, so it’s not a nostalgia thing. Something about the stark lines just makes it hit harder on an emotional level, even for something as simple as fallen trees.

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