Photography and the RNLI

I follow a couple of great photographers on youtube, and one such person is a guy called Sean Tucker. He recently made this inspiring, and incredibly moving short film about photographer Jack Lowe and his project to photograph every lifeboat station on the British coast, using the wet plate collodion technique. If you have a spare 20 minutes and are into either photography, film making or the RNLI, give it a watch.

26 thoughts on “Photography and the RNLI

  1. That film was shown in segments on BBC ‘Look East’ local news. Simply wonderful, and I have supported the RNLI for nearly 30 years, as a ‘Shoreline Member’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I just finished watching it. Thank you, fragglerocking. It is a work of passion, the persons indeed get into focus, I mean not much in a photographic sense but in a narrative way, as if their eyes would be saying a lot about themselves. Maybe in part is because the process takes more time. I was thinking about old digital compact cameras, in their time I always was a bit like wanting more like the previous film cameras, or like the DSLRs, but seeing my photos and by others from that time now I think they express well those youthful times with friends and so. When Jack Lowe mentions that it should not be taken as a wet plate cullodeon project I understand, or I think I do, is not the process but what you’re expressing with it, the format he uses clearly is expressing that special life that you British are so close to… the sea.

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