Tales from Fraggle Towers ~June 2022

Life has been somewhat eventful at Fraggle Towers over the past couple of months. To start with in the first week of June we had a new visitor to the Happy Easter tree


He was very good at getting the peanuts.

He only visited for 2 weeks, don’t know what happened to him, hope not road kill. There’s lots of greenery and trees across the way from us so I’m thinking he went back there.

I had some time off and went to Leighton Buzzard to be in charge of my grandson whilst his Dad and girlfriend went off to the Isle of Wight festival. It was cool to spend some time with Lewis and we had a fair few laughs along the week. Of course I had to take a million more pictures of him playing football.


I wish there were a few kids his age around where he lives, but the ones that play footy on the green are a fair bit older and intimidating.

I was amazed at how many Red Kites were flying above the park, and in fact all over the south on my journey down and around. They are gorgeous to watch in flight.

Red Kite

One of the neighbourhood cats has adopted Ben’s house, and so I’ve had Mrs.Miaow-Miaow (🙄) to feed as well. She belonged to one of the neighbours but got chucked out for some reason that’s beyond me.


Although we’ve all been banging on about our 2 day heatwave, the week I was at Ben’s was really hot, so much that other than taking Louie to school, I didn’t go out much for the first couple of days, but sat outside in the shade and made the most of it. On the Monday before I came home I got to walk along the canal (Grand Union) and took the contax with me for some shooting, I’ll do a film friday post with those.

On the Sunday when Louie was off school, I took him up to Milton Keynes and the big indoor play area there

Boy racer
Plants v Zombies

We also went to visit with my friend I haven’t seen in ages, Helen, who lives in Biggleswade and we went out for lunch in the Conservative Club of which Helen is somehow a member without being a Tory supporter. Apparently they’re not allowed to ask you which party you support when you apply to join, it makes parking in town dead easy and the lunches are really good! 🤣

Hels & Lewis choosing drinks.

There was a fair on in the town centre and Lewis went on a flight simulator and the ghost train ~ I don’t think he was impressed with the latter.

Lewis (contax aria, kodak portra 200)
Lewis (contax aria, kodak portra 200)

Then I came home, to my cats

Lord Vincent

Phil’s giant tank was coming along, it’s nearly fully built.

Giant Tank

I’ll finish with two life lessons, the first being, if you need a heavy doorstopper, bake a loaf of bread and forget deliberatley leave out the yeast.

Baked Doorstop

the second, if you suffer from old-person weak grip and like a glass of sparkly, long nose pliers are your friend.

Ad Hoc cork removal device.

Hopefully I’ll get July done this week. Maybe.

22 thoughts on “Tales from Fraggle Towers ~June 2022

  1. Thank you for the tip about the pliers. There’s a particular brand of cheap prosecco that is very difficult to uncork.
    I have also baked doorstops, even though yeast is the first thing that’s supposed to go into the pan. I’m baking a loaf tomorrow, so I’m going to have to be very careful.
    The red kites are amazing. They haven’t quite made it this far south yet. They’re huge close-up. I got a very good view when one came flying towards the car at windscreen level while I was driving in Wiltshire. A bit scary.

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  2. We used to watch the Red Kites when visiting friends in Oxfordshire. They are very graceful.
    As for long-nosed pliers, we have been using them for anything hard to turn for over 5 years now. We keep them handy in the cutlery drawer, as both of us no longer have any ‘turny-strength’ in our hands.
    The heat lasted a lot longer than two days here. Even last Sunday got to 32C, and very humid. I cannot remember a hot summer making me so ill. Must be an age thing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Oh my, grandkids are the best, and yours is quite a handsome one! I’m usually exhausted after a day with the kids so bubbly becomes more of a necessity, along with those handy pliers! Home sweet home, nothing better than a tank builder and cats! Hugs, C

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