Tales from Fraggle Towers ~ July 2022

The beginning of July didn’t start out too well for me. Whilst walking Teddy (the dog at work) around the block I stepped on a manhole and fell down a drain, which is a sentence I didn’t expect to ever write, but there it is. The Manhole looked fine but the setting of it was secretly broken, so when my foot went on it the damned evil thing flipped over taking a fair amount of my shin skin with it and I ended up half in half out of the drain it covered and in a world of pain. I’d managed to hold on to Teddy’s lead and got us back to the office, missing one of my clogs which had deserted me for the dark deep comfort of the aforementioned drain. Iodine and dressings were applied from an out of date 1st aid kit and I’d just about stopped shaking when my next client arrived and I got back to work. In fairness my boss asked me if I wanted to cancel my clients and go to the walk in centre, but the thought of sitting in there for 3 hours was prohibitive when I knew I’d be home in a couple of hours and Dr.Phil would sort me out.

Don’t look at the photos if you’re squeamish BTW.

the injuries
Dr.Phil in action.
shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

4 weeks on and my left leg is just about healed now and hasn’t needed dressings for 10 days, but the right leg still has a stubborn hole in it that’s taking it’s time, so everynight we are still cleaning and dressing it, but that’s fine, it didn’t get infected at least.

We had a 2 day heatwave here where temperatures went to 33-35 degrees C, though it went on longer in the rest of the country. We closed down at 2pm at work on the 35 day and went home. I will never moan about cool, grey days ever again. (That’s possibly going to end up being a fib.) Phil and I sat in the coolest room and wilted through the afternoon until it cooled down in the evening. It’s still getting pretty warm this week, but it’s bearable.

That reminds me, my MOT is due this week and I’m going to enquire about having my air con fixed. Driving isn’t fun when you’re being roasted.

Half way through July I went for a lung scan. Both Phil and I were contacted by Gateshead Hospital to see if we would like to have lung screening, and we both did so it happened. 4-6 weeks for the results. I’m quite amazed really, our NHS is on it’s knees but it still keeps going with the screenings, boobograms, poo sticks, cervical smears, lungs, prostates, you name it, they’ll screen it. It makes sense financially of course, catching things early means less long term costly treatment. Anyway results in 4-6 weeks, and then we’ll know if our hedonistic unhealthy youth and mid years have done for us.

In the last week I went on a course to Rotherham to learn how to use a new ear irrigating machine. It was an NHS run course rather than a manufacturer’s course which I’m more used to attending. The differences made me smile, on a Manufacturers training course you get put up in a nice hotel, have Danish pastries and coffee before you start the course in the morning, nice buffet lunch provided, free pens and leatherbound folders for your notes. On the NHS course it was get yourself to the course, coffee and biscuits, bring your own lunch, paper and pens 😊. That’s how it should be though, can’t have the NHS buying our lunches! The course was OK, the teacher went over a lot of stuff I already knew from my original training, but nice to see what I’d forgotten, and apart from an NHS audiologist and an RAF nurse, the other people, were GP practice nurses or receptionists wanting to add this string to their bow and didn’t have that depth of knowledge. I stayed in a Welcome Inn the night before, cheap and no breakfast included. To amuse myself I did a photo shoot which I’m entitling “Cheap Hotel”

I’m using the new machine at work and loving it, though I forget to take my foot off the pedal sometimes and shoot water everywhere. I’ll get the hang of it.

A lady came to my clinic to have wax removed a couple of weeks ago, but I found an earring~back in her ear instead. 🙄 Don’t wear earrings to bed people!

Finally, the cats of course,

Winnie in the heatwave days

a real gone cat

and Lord Vincent found some cool shade

So July, on the whole I’m glad it’s over and we’re in to August. I’m looking forward to taking the grandkids out for a day shortly, to the zoo and see the snow leopards. Also my birthday’s coming up, always good for a nice dinner out courtesy of Phil. Sophie is back for a weekend and bringing her hubby Mentat with her and we’re all going off to visit Raby Castle, Phil too. Hopefully I’ll keep upright and have a good month!

Stay tooned!

😊 📱

36 thoughts on “Tales from Fraggle Towers ~ July 2022

  1. Owowowow…CJ that’s looks brutal!(though you have a nice pair of legs other than that?). Crap thing to happen. Hope your hole closes up…(!!!) I adore your cheap hotel shots…a book would be nice…

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  2. Fraggle you’ve amazingly kept your sense of humor. No small feat.
    My legs looked like that when I fell down a flight of brick stairs (at home in DC). I thought they would never heal. Someone called it “bone bruises.”
    Take it easy and be good to you. Big hugs.

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  3. Gee Frag that sounds and looks terrible. If you were in the US you’d be taking out a lawsuit against the local authority. And thanks for the reminder to take my earrings out at night.

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  4. You are REALLY lucky you didn’t get an infection, I mean really lucky. Those things are so dirty and rusty. And not breaking any bones? Yeah, you totally got lucky. I am really glad of that 😀

    No working ac in the car eh? That sounds very uncomfortable…

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  5. Holy Shit! I’m shaking, nauseous, and traumatized, and I didn’t even fall down the damn manhole. I’m so sorry. That was a painful fall, and then you somehow held it together and saw clients? I would have called an ambulance, and I might still be in the hospital! And you have your own Dr. Phil! I’m a little jealous. Okay, love the motel shots and ear removal items! Your writing just shines Fraggle ~ when will there be a book? Hugs, C

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  6. Oooo, ouch! I felt that. (But clearly not as much as you must have). Best wishes for a full recovery.


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  7. Blimey, what a dreadful shock that must have been, I always knew there was a good reason why I try to avoid stepping on manhole covers, although I would rather not have been vindicated in this way. I’m glad it’s all healing up. How handy to have a personal nurse.

    We had it a bit cooler on the coast, but I still sat in the coolest room in the house and moved as little as possible. Thankfully, the air con in the car works.

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  8. At least you remembered to take wine to the hotel. That always makes the accommodation seem bearable, in my experience.
    My mum had a similar shin-scraping experience with a broken paving slab a few years before she died. But being old, and having COPD, the wound never really healed that well.
    My A/C hasn’t worked for years. They wanted far too much to fix it, (almost £700) on a car that was worth less than two grand at the time. So I drive around with all the windows open instead. 🙂
    My MOT and service is booked in for the 17th. I am hoping they don’t find anything expensively wrong with it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. I don’t know why I was thinking in Dr. Phil as the host of the TV show. I hope you get totally recovered from the shock, and somebody should be taking accountability for such manhole being a deadly trap. Wishing you a better month.

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  10. Oh my! That looks painful! I’m happy to hear there are no broken bones or infection! It’s good to hear you are in capable hands and are healing well. Hugs 🤗 (for You & the good Dr!) !
    I love how cats just melt in the heat! (Thanks for the earring reminder!)

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  11. This post didn’t show up for me until this morning. But now I can be assured that your leg is all better, your car is fixed, the heat has broken, and none of it is so threatening anymore.

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