Scale Scotland model Show report.

We went to Edinburgh on Friday, to the Scale Scotland Model Show, which was held in the amazingly big Murrayfield Rugby Stadium on Saturday.

Peter Vardy 🀣

for a while I thought the chap in the middle was called Peter Vardy, but there were pictures of other chaps wearing shirts with Peter Vardy on them so I realised Mr. Vardy must be a sponsor or suchlike.
Because of Corona the show hadn’t been on for a couple of years, so it was good to be back, and it was very well attended.

This was our exhibition table

Some of Ren’s busts..

Paul’s cars, and Phil’s tank and busts.

Paul’s cars are amazing pieces of work

Phil’s Tank battalion on display..

Phil put his model in the competition and came out with a Gold medal and 3 awards!

We saw a lot of modelers we hadn’t seen in ages, and had a grand day. The chaps running the show are Lovely Scots, not pesky in the slightest, and we’ll be back next year for more of the same.

34 thoughts on “Scale Scotland model Show report.

    1. Thanks Booky, Phil says ‘many a true word spoken in jest’ he’s been ‘in training’ on that model for 25 years. No pesky Scots, they were all lovely, but was very disappointed Dix didn’t pop in to say hi, he’s only up the road!

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  1. Hurrah for Phil! He deserved it. That S-P Gun is a work of art, and amazing detail.
    I’m chuckling at ‘Peter Vardy’, and happy to hear that the Peskier Scots stayed away.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Phil’s model is amazing. He could get work in Hollywood. How many award categories are there? Best Weathered Non-Armour sounds really specific. And what is the technical meaning of “weathered”? Is it something to do with the subject or the way the model is presented?

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    1. About 20 odd categories, for different vehicles, ships, planes etc, scratchbuilt or detailed kit, junior, senior etc. Weathering is all the dirt, snow, oil, rust, mud, scratches, dents and general dirt applied to the model to make it look like it’s been in the war πŸ™‚ Phil’s very good at that πŸ™‚

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  3. Congrats to Phil for his many award winning tanks! Although I do like Paul’s car, very Major Easy! Glad you had a positive trip to Scotland, and hope to see you on your next one; you didn’t even tell me when you were coming up! Not all Scots are pesky!

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