Tales from Fraggle Towers ~ October 2022

It’s been a funny old month here at Fraggle Towers with health issues to the fore. Phil had his Corona booster and Flu jab at the beginning of the month and was not well for 3 days, I had mine later on in the month and apart from one day being wierd got through that Ok. But I’ve had a couple of visits to the Doc’s for blood tests and other stuff. Then just this week I twisted somehow getting up from my sofa and did something to my back, with the result that I’m having time off from work. Can’t remember the last time that happened, and if I was able to drive I’d have still gone in. Sigh. Getting old and decrepit is just no fun. I seem to be improving anyway, fingers xt.

Winnie has been to the Vets as she has chronic cystitis they’re trying to get to the bottom of and she’s now on a daily dose of Loxacam which seems to be helping. None of this stops her being as mad as a box of frogs! Out in all weathers and doing a cracking job of rodent disposal.

Winnie Up.

Lord Vincent is hale and hearty, and in between patrolling the perimeter of our bit of the estate and eating for England, he spends most of his time on the bed ~ not one for rain and cold weather. He can’t even be bothered catching a mouse.

Lord Vincent

It’s been great having Sophie back in the country and we’ve had a couple of outings which has given me a good bit of fodder for the Universe Blog and for Fraggle film, though I’m still waiting to receive the scans back for that.

Work has been so busy, I’m getting through 40 people a week on average and I only work 2 & 1/2 days, so it’s full on, but I still get 10 minutes here and there to have a bit of lunch or take Teddy for a quick trot around the carpark. He is such a happy little soul and makes me smile.

Teddy, my BFF

Tonight is Halloween, and all the Grandkids turned up to go out trick or treating, which really is ‘begging for sweets’ apparently, but most of our estate get involved so I have sweets at the door ready and I get to take pictures, though use my iPhone now as the Fuji freaks people out 🤣. Phil and Shelly went with the kids to do the rounds and I stayed home to answer the door. Liddy and Livvy made a good effort at dressing up! Phil tells me that one house had made a fake cemetary on their front lawn, and another had a spooky figure that spoke to the kids as they got near to it and made them jump. Another had a giant spider across the front of their house. ALl good fun and the kids loved it.

Liddy ~ a dead bride 🤣
Livvy ~ zombie schoolgirl (I think!)

The boys are ‘too old’ to dress up being 11 and 12 (pfft!) but are happy to have the sweets of course! To anyone moaning about copying the USA, or commercialising Halloween, or begging for sweets etc I agree, it’s true and I don’t bliddy care, as having the grandkids round laughing and being happy for a daft evening is fine by me. One day they’ll be in their teens and this will just be a memory.

Some neighbourhood kids

Not sure who he’s supposed to be, ? Pennywise
another Pennywise I think
who knows?
Jail bait. 😄

So that’s the end of the 10th month and we’re going into Outer~Christmas Land now, as people are mad for it up here. I’m off down South at the weekend to visit with Ben and Lewis, fingers crossed my back has recovered as it’s a long old drive, and I’m dreading sitting still in the car for 5 hours doing it in case it sets it off again, but am thinking pink thoughts, like that’ll help.

Back next time with a November round up so stay tooned!

34 thoughts on “Tales from Fraggle Towers ~ October 2022

  1. The jail bait comment made me burst out laughing 😀

    As for the whole “copying” of holidays, don’t worry, it’s happening here too. We celebrate Cinco de Mayo almost as hard as any real official holiday. As the world shrinks, our holidays all get mushed together. I”m all for celebrating, but come on, lets keep some national boundaries, eh?

    Hope your back gets better soon. I’d say enjoy the time off, but kind of hard to do that when your back is screwed up.

    How bad was Phil’s reaction to the covid/flu booster? I’m thinking about getting the 2 for 1 special myself and wonder what I might be getting myself into.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your back. It seems I’m always doing something to mine, hobbling around like Quasimodo many days. I totally agree that getting old sucks!
    Hoping you, Phil, and Winne are all on the mend. Lord Vincent certainly looks to be enjoying the good life.

    It is Halloween and Trick or Treat in the U.S., as I type this. I have been handing out goodies to little ghosts and goblins for almost an hour now. I haven’t had any Pennywise show up, but some other pretty cool costumes. Happy Halloween, Fraggle.

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  3. It is cracking me up how big Halloween has become – though tragically in Seoul – and that people are now saying “Happy Halloween” as often as “Happy New Year”! Here, the colors for the day are orange and violet, along with all sorts of scary decorations. Fun! Meanwhile, get well, and have a blast. Our night is just beginning . . . bwahahahahaha!

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  4. When I went for my run yesterday morning, I could see how far some of the people round here had gone for Halloween, with the tombstones and spiders webs and gruesome models. Some of it was quite impressive.

    I’m a fellow sufferer with the back pain. I’ve had sciatica for almost 6 months, though it’s much better now. My physio sat me down and told me what I have to do (and not do) if I want my back to support me in the future and I’m doing it. It seems that I really should have listened when people told me about my bad posture. I hope you’re a bit more mobile soon.

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  5. Julie twisted her back recently and got real relief by using stick-on heat pads she bought from Amazon. They worked for the full 24 hours, and she was able to wear them to work.
    The Jail Bait girls look rather too old for trick ot treating I think…
    Glad you had fun with your grandchildren. I am an old Halloween grump, but I do appreciate the fun when it is family. 🙂
    The little dog does indeed look SO happy!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Oh damn, sorry about your back Fraggle, that’s so exhausting! Love that your grandkids came over to trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. I had so much fun with mine, face painting, the crazy costumes, and running amuck in the neighborhood. Such a fun night! We sat in the neighbors driveway, sipping wine, and passing out candy! Happy November! Hope you feel better soon, hugs, C

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  7. I hope these setbacks in your health are just some of those things that happen from time to time, and then banish. Happy Halloween : ) in Peru there was some controversy because it was the day of a music style in the capital, but people usually only gets drunk, while Halloween is being more popular because children have a bit of fun with their parents. Imported or not it brings nicer memories : P

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  8. Teddy’s so cute…sorry your not feeling the best, I hate when stuff like that happens, as it does more frequently ..ugh…but once its sorted you’ll feel younger again…and anyway it sounds like itll be nice to have a break.

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