365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic Week 7

This week I’ve had mixed results using the Vicuña CL lens, which gives a hefty vignette and Vientiane film which adds a subtle desaturation and lower contrast to the image.

Sunday 12th February
Nothing much happened here today, the weather was meh so I fannied on with the Hipstamatic and figured I’d try this combination out.

cyclamen and spidey plants

It quickly became apparent that the middley bit was in danger of over exposure if you got too close, so that was something to keep in mind, and also that the subject would have to be central more or less.

Monday 13th February
Only 916 days until I retire 🤣. It wasn’t a bad day at work, and on my way back from taking some rubbish out to the bins I saw the sun reflecting off next door’s windows. It’s a cleaning company called Bright and Beautiful, which it looked.

Bright & Beautiful

Tuesday 14th February Valentine’s Day
No hearts and flowers today here, both Phil and I were working and we really don’t bother with it anyway, every day is Valentine’s Day for us 😍. There was plenty of frost though so I had to scrape the car before I went to work. Then half way to work I realised I’d left the back door wide open 😳 and had to turn around and go home and then start all over again. Still got to work on time though.


Wednesday 15th February
I quite like these wiggly tree thingies they’ve put up outside the marketing suite. Reminds me of pole dancing.

Wiggly tree

Thursday 16th February
Phil is so chuffed with our new stair carpet that he decided it was time to change the lounge carpet too. The one we have has lasted 20 years so it’s done a good job, but the time has come. This will be our forever carpet as we won’t last another 20 years 🤣.

Destiny is all!

Friday 17th February
This one isn’t too great but a rare truce happened when Winnie and Lord Vincent shared the Cat Tree so I had to grab a quick shot before it all went to ratpoop again.

Lord Vincent and Winnie

Saturday 18th February
Phil and I went to Tynemouth Market, mostly for Phil to browse the record stalls. He got a good haul today, he loves a bargain! The market is on both sides of the train station, and there’s a double bridge across the tracks. They always have some sort of display or artwork in the middle section between them, and today there were 10,000 cranes to support Ukraine. Which rhymes when you think about it. Anyway it was quite spectacular and I’m sure all the people hiding underground in Odesa and everywhere would love them but they’d probably prefer missiles or jets.

10,000 cranes for Ukraine

Another week over, I think this combination works when you factor in it’s exposure tendencies, with the cats it was impossible to get Vinnie exposed OK without Winnie being unsee-able, so I had to blow him out a bit, he didn’t mind. I think the rest are OK. Not one I’d use again though unless in specific circumstances where I wanted to really hone in on a subject.



38 thoughts on “365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic Week 7

  1. I hope you sent a copy of that photo to the Bright and Beautiful Company. Fraggle. They might give you some free service in return.
    I can’t make out what kind of records Phil is perusing. If he wants really cheap records he should try the Rap section.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m clueless about the photography stuff but I love looking at the photos.
    The reflections off the middle windows in Bright and Beautiful almost make them seem like stained glass.
    Those cranes are so cool!
    Lord Vincent and Winnie should hang out together more often. I think this might be the first pic I’ve seen of them together!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love “Jack woz ere” picture. 🙂 I have dappled with vignette in post production. The effect is striking when the light is strong and coming from the front of the object. But otherwise, the results are rather dark and sad. Hence I wouldn’t use the lens because most of my pictures are impromptu and I wouldn’t have time to change the lens in time.

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      1. I am working hard to have some stability in hard times. Related to photography it seems I bring bad luck to the genre he he, I got a broken Fujifilm X100S, it is with a technician waiting for its resurrection. My film cameras… film is not being sold anymore and there is only one lab that process but things are going too expensive. I am still photographing with the cellphone but mostly for the reports of the work. Even so I am happy because people are having very difficul time here for some political chaos. One of the reasons I like to read you is to feel better, fragglerocking. All looks marvelous there ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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