365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic Week 8

This week I’m using a Kuma lens which adds a vintage soft focus and warm color shift, and the Rasputin film which has a ragged black frame with warm tones.

Sunday 19th February
Just a quiet day today, no family visitors, so a very chilled end to the week. There was a magnificent sunset though.

A Wardley Sunset

Monday 20th February
Mondays are always the busiest days at work for me, and today was no exception. Not much time to think about the daily shot. I’m going on a flying visit down south for a couple of days on Wednesday so started the prep. I went to pump up the tyres on my car at one of the local garages in the evening after the rush hour, and thought to do a petrol station shot.


Tuesday 21st February
Another busy day, and this evening sorting out the packing to go away, under the watchful eyes of Miss Winnie.


Wednesday 22nd February
It’s my Grandson Lewis’s 13th Birthday today, and I travelled down south for a visit with him and his Dad, my son Ben. 241 miles, 4 hours driving and a 10 minute stop for the loo and to pick up a coffee to go. Glad I filled up with petrol at Morrisons, Β£1.40 per litre, the service station was at Β£1.74!! 😳 I mean, there’s ripping off customers and then there’s total greedy ba***rds. Anyway Ben and I picked up Lewis from school and then went home to watch him open his presents. In the evening we went out to Lewis’s favourite restaurant in Woburn, The Woburn Thai.

The Calamari Kid, aka Squiddly~Diddly

Thursday 23rd February
Today Ben and I took a drive out to Cranfield, to take some flowers to my Mum’s grave. A few tears from both of us. Ben cleaned it up, and then we went to lunch in the pub she used to take him to for lunch when he stayed with her at weekends when he was a young lad, and we remenisced about her.

Mum and Ben

Friday 24th February
We took Lewis to school and then went for breakfast together in Leighton Buzzard town. I got on the road home around 10.30am and did the reverse journey, stopping at the Woodhall Service station, which is more or less the half way point. It was nice to get home to Phil.


Saturday 25th February
Today my legs and back ache all over. In my jurassic era I could do that drive without even a tiny problem, now I feel like I walked the whole way! I received my updated driving license today. When you have a picture I.D card you have to update it every 10 years, which is a pain, but easily done on line. The new license has had a Brexit make-over.


and that was the week that was. Not too awful a combination that worked better on some shots than others.

Onwards, ever onwards… so


24 thoughts on “365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic Week 8

  1. A nice lens/film combination, it seems to pull out the primary colours in each photo. The sunset is outstanding! (I love a good sunset or sunrise!) Your grandson looks quite please with his dinner! Winnie is adorable as usual. I really liked the petrol station; it looks so clean & tidy at night! The older I get, the less I enjoy long road trips! Great week!

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  2. I wonder if people in stations are wondering why there are people looking for photographing more. He he, I mean, I photograph them too, but when I visit analog collection of photos the stations seem to be in a regard as high as cats : D

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy belated to Lewis! Sounds like a wonderful day.
    Miss Winnie looks like she wants a cuddle. 🐈
    That is a beautiful headstone in memory of your mum.
    I hope the back and leg aches are now gone. Happy Monday, Fraggle!

    Liked by 1 person

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