365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic week 10.

This week I chose the Kantõ HP lens which adds moody cool tones and Panaji Film which adds subtle texture and a warm vignette.

Sunday 5th March
As usual, a quiet and chilled day today, rubbish weather. Read the paper, read my book, ironed my uniform for work tomorrow and played with photos until I found the combination I liked for this week.


Monday 6th March
Back to work and as usual Monday is full on. I noticed daffodils and crocuseses appearing on the grass verges on the way to work, so on my way home I parked up where I knew some grew near me, and took a picture of them.


Tuesday 7th March
We had a smattering of snow overnight, and I guessed it would be gone by the time I got home, so I took this shot in the morning before breakfast, and before it disappeared.


Wednesday 8th March
No snow today, but a chilly sunny day. I finished work at 2pm and went off to recce one of the Ray Lonsdale statues that’s on the next art trail Sophie and I do over on the Universe Blog.

Fiddlers Green.

Thursday 9th March
SNOW DAY!!! Yippee! Lord Vincent is not impressed. He doesn’t like getting his toes cold. It didn’t stay around, gone by the afternoon, sigh.

Winter~ time 2 & Lord Vincent

Friday 10th March
SNOW DAY the 2nd!! Yipee! this didn’t last long either. Sigh.

Winter~time 3

Saturday 11th March
No more snow, there’s a few patches where the sun doesn’t reach it, but that’s it. My blossom tree is budding like crazy though and I was a bit worried the snow would kill off the buds, but everything is carrying on regardless and I can’t wait until it bursts into pink!

Spring 2

Mad weather, but not unusual when I think about it, am sure last year was all over the shop too. Anyway, that’s it for this week. I like this combination, not too arty farty but some nice tones and subtle texture in the vignette. But onwards we go… so


22 thoughts on “365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic week 10.

  1. I quite liked this lens.

    We had a centimetre of snow Tuesday night, which disappeared in the sleet almost before breakfast. Some of my neighbours, who don’t get up quite as early as I do, didn’t even know we’d had some. Some very heavy rain over the next few days showed how much snow we could have had. I might not have mentioned this before, but I don’t like snow.

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  2. I had to reread the post once I looked at the dates on the photos.
    Our winter was pretty mild until the end of February but then it has more than made up for it. We’re getting hit w another storm tonight and we’re supposed to get 20-30cm of snow, with places forecast up to 45. Blah.
    At least I know I’m going to have a snow day tomorrow…

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  3. I always look forward to these posts each week. I enjoy your creativity and always love the photos. Great captures, especially on the snow shots. March is a whirlwind of insane weather, LOL!

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