365 ~Hipstamatic Week 12

This week I chose the Aegina Hipstapak which consists of the
Aphaea 12 lens which adds vibrant contrast and saturation to images, and the Aeacus 6 film which has light bursts coming from unexpected angles and a strong grain pattern.

Sunday 19th March
Today was Mother’s Day in the UK, and Shelley and the kids came over with cards, flowers,chocolates and hugs, so that was lovely.

Lots of love!

Monday 20th March
A steady day at work, we’re not so busy of late, and can only think the upsurge in the cost of living is putting some people off getting their ears done, priorities change as the economy tanks. Anyway, Winnie cares nothing for that, her ears are one of her superpowers!


Tuesday 21st March
Oh my tree is really giving it’s all to the pinking, it only lasts a couple of weeks so there’s going to be a few shots of it until it’s over.

The Happy Eater Tree

Wednesday 22nd March
Today was new carpet day. Phil spent the previous few days emptying out the East Wing and painting the skirting boards, then the gadgies arrived at 8am and were gone before I left for work. When I got home in the afternoon Phil was rebuilding the stereo.

Building blocks

Thursday 23rd March
A busy day for me. This morning I took the car in for a service, and this afternoon I went to see the chiropractor who has his business in the same set of buildings as where I work. I went to see him as my neck isn’t getting any better, though it’s manageable and my boss offered to pay for me from the business to see him which is really kind of her. Anyways, apparently I’m wonky of bone structure (subluxation of spine I think he said) and need treatment, which I’m actually a bit wary of but I’ll see how it goes. This morning the tree was still looking spiffing.

Tree 2

Friday 24th March
A day catching up with laundry and housework, and in the evening we met up with Carl, (Phil’s son) his wife Karly, who is currently awaiting a liver transplant so it was lovely to see her looking well, and their son Matthew to go and see one of our favourite bands, Daughtry at the City Hall.. Anyway it was a disappointing gig for various reasons, but at least we got out and tried!


Saturday 25th March
This afternoon we went to see Liddy performing on stage. She goes to a drama/singing/dancing school once a week and every year they put on a show consisting of musicals’ songs, dance routines etc. Liddy is both the youngest and smallest amongst 20-25 older girls but holds her own very well, she’s a natural performer and absolutely loves it. Towards the end of the year she is going to be on a kids Channel 5 TV programme, I expect she’ll be famous one day!

Happy Liddy.

So that’s that and time to move on to a new combo. This one was OK, I quite liked the texture, but the lightleaks are a bit naff, so a bit of a non event. Onwards….!!

25 thoughts on “365 ~Hipstamatic Week 12

  1. I think the combination worked best on the close-up of the tree blossom. I really liked that photo, FR. At least you have some sort of diagnosis for your neck pain now, and you will be able to decide how far to take the treatment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Been so long since I saw a band play live, I’ve heard about these crowds where everybody’s holding up a phone but it still looks weird when I see it. But then, I guess you were holding up your phone to get the picture of everybody else holding up their phone, so I can’t complain too much!

    Weird about your neck. Do you need x-rays or something? You’d definitely want a second opinion before getting more advanced treatment.

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  3. The pinks are out in these parts as well. Every run, walk or drive in the car involves looking at them and thinking how lovely they are. If there are passengers we talk about them.

    Sorry about the neck. I hope it can be sorted out.

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  4. I love the cats as usual & Liddy looks so happy (is that film colour or just theatrical colour?). The pink tree is gorgeous – I so look forward to blossom time here! (I know, patience, grasshopper!) It is an interesting film/lens combo! I certainly hope you get some relief on your neck soon! 🤗

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  5. It sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day for you. I’m sorry you’re continuing to be plagued by neck pain. I hope you can get it sorted out soon.
    Liddy looks very happy and that pink blooming tree makes me think pink thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That card from the kids is precious. With that smile, I am positive Liddy will be famous some day.
    And I really like the soft texture of your shots, Fraggle.
    Fingers crossed for Phil’s daughter in law and your neck.

    Liked by 1 person

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