365 ~ Hipstamatic week 14

This week I’m using the Long Isand Hipstapak. It consists of the Florence lens which gives desaturated tones with sunny highlights, and the Black Keys extra fine film which is a black and white film adding subtle contrast and a super clean edge to pictures.

Sunday 2nd April
We had a visit from Shelley and the grandkids today, and as always Liddy had a huge wodge of cake to see her through the afternoon.

Hi, I’m Liddy, I’m a cakeaholic.

Monday 3rd April
I travelled down south again today. The journey wasn’t too bad but heavy enough with people going on holiday or days out or whatever. It was nice weather when I arrived in the afternoon, and it was necessary for Louie to have a coke and an ice cream.


Tuesday 4th April
A lovely sunny day today, a cloudless sky, but not too hot, and Ben, Lewis and I went down to the canal, parking up near St Mary’s Church and walking along the canal path to The Globe Inn where we sat outside and had cheesy fries. I gave Louie my X100F for the day and he took lots of pictures, there’ll be a post!


Wednesday 5th April
And then it rained most of the day and we played monopoly and chilled out. Mrs Miaow Miaow doesn’t like the rain.


Thursday 5th April
I packed up my things, cleaned the place I stay, visited with Ben et al, and then got on the road back home. More heavy traffic, and one 10minute standstill, but on the whole an easy ride.

My down-south hideaway

Friday 6th April
The blossom tree is shedding like crazy, it looks like it snowed out there. Am sure our neighbours love having their cars decorated with little pink petals though. I do 🤣

Saturday 7th April
There’s a saying around these parts ~ ‘you can never have enough cameras’…
and so my latest turned up whilst I was away. A Pentax 645 medium format film camera. A basic one at that, not as coveted by the filmoscenti as a Mamiya or Hasselblad, but also not in their lofty price brackets. I loved my old Rolleiflex medium format but it’s not repairable and I want to get back into the format, hence the Pentax. Just need to finish the 2 rolls of film I’ve got on the go in the Contax and Ektar so I can get this one up and running!

Pentax 645

And that’s a wrap for the Long Island Hipstapak. I do like how it does the black and white so a 👍 from me.


25 thoughts on “365 ~ Hipstamatic week 14

  1. I like this combo of stuff – subject matter and Hipstamatic settings. It makes for great portraits. Looking forward to seeing your Pentax 645 – I really should dig out my medium format and get out now the weather is so gorgeous here.

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  2. Like you, many of my cameras are purely ornamental, some dating back to the 1920s. Short of storage in the bunglaow, most live in a box in the loft. The 645 looks like a good buy though, and I will look forward to seeing the results.
    I like this HIpstamatic combination, and enjoyed all the photos.
    (Is that a granny flat you stay in, or a place you rent? Just being nosey. 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It’s an annexe I rent for however many nights I’m there, next to The Old Chapel Cottage which is also for holiday rent. The annexe is a self contained unit with a living/bedroom, shower room and kitchen, it’s lovely and quiet in a little village 15 mins away from Leighton Buzzard.

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  3. I love this week! The kids are lovely and I love the bonus cat! Your southern hide-a-way is adorable and I really love the photo of St. Mary’s. I can’t wait to see shots from your new camera, how exciting! Glad the drive was good (reasonably)…have a great week!

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