365 ~ Hipstamatic week 15

The hipstamatic app has a random setting, so if you have the app open and then shake the phone it randomly chooses a film and a lens, so this week I gave it a shake and it came up with the Ranger 66 lens, which gives you low contrast warmth, and the Blanko C16 film which gives subtle warm desaturations to the colours.

Sunday 8th April
Today was Phil’s sister Annette’s husband Brian’s birthday, as well as being Easter Sunday, so we visited with them for the afternoon. I was going to take a nice picture of A & B for the 365, but they have a cat. 😁


Monday 9th April
We just chilled at home today and I cooked Easter Dinner, which is the same as Sunday Lunch really. The blossom tree is just about deblossomed now, but I noticed on one of the cut back branches, a little blossom was still hanging on

last man standing

Tuesday 10th April
Back to work and it was full on. Especially as I had to go in an hour earlier to make up for finishing early on Wednesday when I have to take Phil to the eye hospital. Our Winnie has been in the throes of a bout of cystitis and sits on a warm radiator to ease her discomfort when ever the heating comes on.

poorly Winnie

Wednesday 11th April
Another early start – I was so glad it was half-term and the traffic wasn’t as bad as it usually is at this time. A busy busy morning but I got away on time, went home to have a quick lunch then took Phil to the eye hospital for his cataract operation. I had to wait for him of course to drive him home after, and the waiting room was hot and stuffy so I kept nodding off trying to read my book, 9 times it happened! I then started taking surreptitious  photos of anyone sitting across from me to keep myself awake. I took Phil home,completely forgetting to pay the hospital car park fee on the way out. As there’s a Β£70 fine for that I got on the phone to the parking department at the hospital and apologised profusely and pleaded with them to let me pay now over the phone. Don’t worry about it, said a nice lady, I’ve put a permit against your visit so you won’t be charged a fine, and no need to pay. Flabberghasted by kindness was I! Anyway after that relief, I made dinner, then went and did my weekly shop at ASDA as I usually do it Wednesday afternoon. We call this sort of day a Jack Bauer day.

ladies in waiting room

Thursday 12th April
Phil’s eye was a bit sore today and leaking tears a lot. Luckily I had had the forethought to get him some protective eyecovers. πŸ˜ƒ I had my first appointment with the chiropractor today, he took measurements and karate chopped my collar bones 😳.

Captain Hubby

Friday 13th April
Phil’s eye was a lot better today, though he still can’t see clearly through it, and we went off to South Shields Market which is a euphemism for checking out vinyl record stalls. Phil bought a couple of 12 inch discs and a CD and I took some photos. And back to parking, I paid for 2 hours via the paybyphone app, which I’ve used succesfully many times. When we finished in Shields we returned to the car with 54 minutes left to go on my parking, but found a PCN notice stuck to my window screen saying I have to pay a fine for not paying! I was completely unamused. Tried ringing the paybyphone people but got nowhere. In the end we read on the PCN notice that we could deal with any dispute by going to the Town Hall, so we trudged up there, most peed orft, where I was given a form to fill in describing the problem. They put a hold on my fine until such time as someone has looked at the form and either cancelled it or said it must go ahead. If the latter, I shall be having a day in court at some point as I’m not paying a fine.


Saturday 14th April
Winnie seems a bit better today, other than that, an unremarkable day, except it was sunny 😊

I like this combination, the warm subtle tones are really nice and there’s no silly bits.

So that’s week 15 over, onwards dear chums…


30 thoughts on “365 ~ Hipstamatic week 15

  1. It seems to me that brown gets a lot of emphasis with this combination. It’s not displeasing.

    My pear tree is in blossom at the moment. It’s nowhere near as dramatic as your blossom tree, but it is quite pretty. Delicate rather than blowsy.

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  2. Hope Phil’s eye is OK. My neighbour just had that surgery and had some wonky allergic reaction to the eyedrops and was miserable for a month.

    Hospital waiting rooms are so depressing. Just going to sleep would be a blessing.

    Didn’t intend for that to rhyme.

    I like this random film/lens.

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  3. I love the last blossom hanging on, and the random combination was very pleasing.
    Parking is such a hassle these days. Julie got hit with a fine for overstaying in a Thetford retail park. They allow three hours free, and she overstayed by two minutes, according to their ANPR. (But not the clock in the car) They were adamant she had to pay or the fine would increase to Β£200, so the shopping trip with her daughter cost Β£50 extra. You were so lucky with the hospital car park. That would never happen in Norwich Hospital, as parking is run by outside contractors.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. The hospital is done by parkingbyphone which are an outside contractor but seem to have a lady in the admin block who can sort things, I was lucky indeed! Cheers Pete πŸ™‚

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  4. Best wishes to hubby for a speedy recovery! (Love the patch!) Winnie too, poor thing. Monty is a lovely subject! I like the sepia tones to these shots – good job! Sorry about the parking problems, we have the same problems here, the technology doesn’t work as well in reality as on the design board. Hope you get it all sorted soon.

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  5. You really went rounds with the parking situation this week. If only the second situation could have been resolved as nicely as the first one.

    I liked Phil’s piratey eye patch. πŸ™‚

    Poor little Winne. I hope she’s feeling better now—and you too, after that chiro virist!

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  6. Hope Phil’s surgery ends well. I had my cataracts removed a year or so ago and it was amazing how different the world’s colors are! These Hipstamatic things are so much fun to see – and, like you, I take pictures of people and things in waiting rooms all the time. It is so boring to sit around and wait!

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      1. Mine were so bad that it was noticeable, as well as the fact that anything past my nose was a blur – new lenses means I can even read my monitor 2 feet away. Hope it continues to go well.

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  7. I haven’t played with Hipstamatic in so long!!! So fun to see your shots, and to read along about your week. It’s been a full week for you! Glad that Phil and Winnie are both doing better… and loved the person who took care of the hospital parking ticket for you… ohmyheart, the kindness. Also… that last shot of Winnie is adorable.

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  8. Monty is gorgeous, for sure deserves a photo. Glad to know Phil and Winnie are better so you can have some peace of mind. I don’t know this App, it seems interesting, I must check it out!

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