365 ~ Hipstamatic Week 16

This week I chose the Jalisco Histapak which consists of the Chivas lens, which adds cool contrast even in dark conditions, and the Estrada 83 film, which is a grungy film with a tatty border.

Sunday 16th April
It didn’t rain today though there wasn’t any warmth in the air, we did bits of housework and Phil mowed the lawns which are in pretty poor condition having been overrun with moss.

cold mowings.

Monday 17th April
Back to work, and busy as always on a Monday. It was a sunny day, not that I had chance to appreciate it until I got home and saw the view from our bedroom window is getting it’s spring greens.

Spring greens

Tuesday 18th April
It’s been a while since I got a chance to take a picture of Teddy the boss’s doggy. The little chap has been ‘done’ now but it hasn’t calmed him down any, he’s still as mad as a box of frogs. So cute and happy though.

Teddy Boy

Wednesday 19th April
The sun was out again early doors, and as the light crept up over our garden fence some rays started touching the new leaves on Mum’s plant, so I got my shot done before I even went to work.

Pieris Forest Flame

Thursday 20th April
We had an appointment to take Winnie to the vet today which was quite traumatic for all of us. She might be little but she can up up a good fight when the cat box beckons. We managed to get her in, and then to the vet, the howls on the car journey break your heart and mind. When we got there she wouldn’t get out of the box of course, so another palaver, and when eventually she did come out, she squashed herself right up to me and stuck her head inside my jacket as if to hide. But she suffered being examined, then the vet prescribed painkillers, and gave us advice on stuff we already knew. She went back in the catbox no problem, and was quiet as a mouse on the way home. Back home and she was right as rain. It was also our 11th wedding anniversary and Phil had booked us in at Bellini’s, which I hadn’t been to before. It wasn’t a cozy romanic place by any stretch, and reminded me more of a canteen. It was quite busy and noisy, and we wondered how long we’d have to wait for service, but it was all very timely and the food was really good. I liked their ceiling deco!

Hands across the sea-ling.

Friday 21st April
Phil at work this morning so I did some chores and had intended to take the Pentax out on it’s inaugural session, but it was cold and grey and I had no enthusiasm or motivation for it at all, so I did the washing instead and did a Winnie shot. She seems a little better today.


Saturday 22nd April
It’s really annoying when my work days have all been nice weather, and my off days are damp and miserable, the best today has to offer is a concrete sky and muddy greens. It’s been raining all day, but not proper photographic rain, just a continuous fine mizzle. Phil was at work again for the morning, so I read my book and drank tea, and cuddled the cat.

when all else fails..

Another week gone, and I think this combination worked reasonably well, gave a little bit extra without being too arty farty.

Fingers crossed for some nice weather for me next week! Onwards!!…..


24 thoughts on “365 ~ Hipstamatic Week 16

    1. Thanks. Winnie seems OK at the mo, taking her meds and sleeping a lot. I’m collecting these mugs, trying to get one for everywhere I’ve been, but it’s not easy!


  1. I wasn’t convinced by the blurry bits, but I thought it was terrific on your mum’s flower.

    The weather has been rubbish here as well. It’s been so cold that seedlings that would normally be out in the garden by now still haven’t germinated in the shed.

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  2. I liked the combination too. Belated Happy Anniversary! Noisy restaurants are not the best places for such occasions, but when I lived in London every restauarant was noisy, so it became the norm.
    I had to pay someone to cut our lawns last week, for the first time. I can no longer handle the big Flymo because of arthritis in my wrists. He did a good job, and only charged me £22.
    Still, getting old is becoming expensive. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I was stubborn too, until I was 69. Then I gave in and paid a man to cut the hedges. Now I’m using the same man to cut the grass too. There comes a time when you just have to accept there are things you can no longer do comfortably.

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  3. I like this combination; I may have put this one in my rotation! I’m sorry to hear Winnie is poorly, I hope she is better soon. The photos of her curled up are adorable. Happy Belated Anniversary wishes! I’m glad to see spring arriving for you! The greening of trees always makes me feel better! Have a good week.

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  4. Happy anniversary to you and Phil!
    That ceiling artwork is eye-catching.

    Poor, poor Winnie! I’m glad you got some cuddle time in with her. The vet is always such a traumatic experience for our furbabies. She is just a tiny little thing, isn’t she?

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