Day 176

I’m having a new Orchid experience. Usually, I buy an orchid, look after it, it flowers for about 3 months, the flowers drop off and then that’s it. On one occasion one of them flowered again after an 18 month rest, but mostly they don’t. I give them 3 years and figure if they haven’t re-flowered by then they never will, then consign them to compost and get a replacement. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but am buggered if I know what. One of my Orchids though has confounded this by flowering again when it hasn’t stopped flowering the first time! My white orchid has had 4 flowers on it for a couple of months which are still going strong, but I noticed this week it’s grown a new branch with buds on it right next to one of the flowers. They are strange creatures.

Day 176

Also, thanks to everyone enquiring about my health, I am much improved and felt loads better today! Yipee!

Day 158

It’s been a busy day in the garden at Fraggle Towers. Phil has dug up some of our lawn for me to make a bee sanctuary, i.e a big patch of wild flowers, and I’ve been to the garden center to buy log roll and a couple of flowers and herbs. This year for some reason we have quite a few sparrows and blackbirds nesting in our leilandi hedge and our jasmine plant, so baby chicks all over the shop. Also a goldfinch brought one of her chicks to the niger feeder but I wasn’t quick enough to get the camera before she flew off :/ lesson learned, leave it nearby at all times!

The bee sanctuary

Beebombs are cool, don’t have to do much except stick them on top of cleared ground, there are wildflower seeds in each bomb, which are encased in nutrient-rich soil and then clay, you chuck them on the ground and hey presto, wildflowers specifically that bees love. Well not hey presto as they are slow growing, and I won’t see any results until next spring, but I can wait. I exhort you all to buy a pack. I read today that a huge survey of bees across Europe has just been analysed and the bees are declining way too fast.

day 158 ~ saving the bees 🙂

Day 152

This is a bit of a cheat as these are all colour shots apart from the feature image, but it’s a follow on from a post over from Petes blog (CLICK HERE) regarding plant identification. Am hoping Jude can come up with the answer, but if anyone else has any idea, do chip in!

flower bit
leaf bit
buds bit
the whole enchilada

Day 137

A couple a days ago I posted a shot of my azalea…

today it burst into flower, and the bright red petal thingies have turned pink!

day 1137 ~ pink petals! 😀

Now for some fun facts about azaleas, well Ok, ONE fun fact!

Azaleas are really toxic! The leaves and nectar contain something called andromedatoxins, which sends you doolally. In some parts of Turkey they deliberately feed bees on it (how da fook anyone makes a bee do anything deliberately is beyond me, I can’t even get one to find it’s way out of my conservatory when it gets in there, no matter how much I shout at it) anyway I digress. The bonkers Turks feed the bees on the azaleas, and the bees then produce a mind-altering, potentially medicinal, and occasionally lethal honey known as “mad honey”. According to the ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder in his Natural History, an army invading a place in Turkey called Pontus, was poisoned with such honey, resulting in their defeat. I suppose it’s cheaper than AK47’s and the like.

Seriously Turkey people, smoke a J instead, let the bees be! 🐝

Day 134

How annoying, 2 days of sunshine and I’m working on both of them! Of course the weather will change for the worse on my days off. Sigh. Never mind, I’m used to it 🙂

Today I photographed the new plant in the garden. Can’t remember what it is, a hydrangea I think. It was flowering very prettily when we bought it, lovely pale pink petals. So I was surprised to see IN YOUR FACE RED petals beginning to open up this week.

Day 134 ~ red petals 🙂

Day 87 & other stuff

Oh such a lovely sunny day today, but Thursdays are chore days at Fraggle Towers. Much hoovering, washing, cleaning, baking and floor mopping going on.

But always a few moments to find some light and shade

Day 87

can’t resist some colour because my blossom tree is laden with flowers and it’s too pretty not to share.

The blossom tree is known here as the Happy Eater tree, and regular readers will know I have feeding stations for the birds hung in its branches. Though I had a niger seed holder on it for a few years I only saw goldfinches once on it. This quite annoys me as I see a few flitting around where we live and can’t see what their problem is, none of the spuggies, tits, blackbirds etc have a problem and are constantly visiting. So I moved the niger feeder to the back garden and it’s hung there now for two years, and though the finches fly over my garden, they’ve resolutely ignored it.

Until yesterday evening.


2 x Goldfinch.

Not the greatest picture, I was hiding behind blinds and shooting through a window plus it was sundown time, but I was so excited to see them up close. At last. Fingers crossed for a return visit!

Day 80

Oh I just KNEW when my tree blossomed I’d have a hard time with a black & white photo every day. But I’m sticking with it.

Day 80 ~ blossom tree reflection on Noddy’s roof

but I didn’t make any rules about extra photos 🙂

I made an amazing roasted tomato & basil soup today, even more delicious than I’ve had in restaurants.

Tomato Soup-to-be

I did a lot of gardening, really chucking out dead plants and bits and bobs and tidying up ready to plant some flowers in a couple of weeks.

And my Noddy car looks well under the blossom tree


but really, it’s all about the blossom


and a little extra shot for my poetic pal Fiery

Mother of Dragons 🙂