Day 363

Hmm, if this is day 363, then 365 will be on 30th December, and as I started this on Jan 01, I should be doing my last one on Dec 31st. 😳 Dang it, will have to check and see if I’ve mislabelled one.

In the meantime, back to the Land of The Giants

Day 363 (maybe) The Pastry Portals to Vollyvont Land.

Day 326

I recently started using the services of a young chap called Henry, who last year decided instead of going to Durham University and doing a degree in something or other, he would start his own business, delivering quality, fresh foods from local businesses to the consumer. Henry’s Local. It’s not country-wide (yet) and he only delivers in the area around Whitley Bay, and as my work is in his delivery area, I’m getting my stuff delivered there once a week. He has a great selection of meats, fish, bakery stuff, veg, fruit, and sundries and the fresh veg, meat and fish are great quality. This week I ordered some salmon, (Scottish) which I usually get from Asda, and I have to say it was the most delicious salmon I’ve ever had.

Day 326 ~ Salmon

I do like supporting local business so this is an easy way to do it, and on top of Henry being a very nice lad, all the stuff comes in recycleable brown paper, and is mostly organic. I buy a lot less in Asda now, which is such a good thing to say!

Day 155

“The world is just a great big onion,

and pain and fear are the spices that make you cry.”

Day 155 ~ World of Onion.

Well, old Marvin got that a bit wrong, as there aren’t any spices in onions. You cry when you cut into one because of the release of a volatile gas, syn-propanethial-S-oxide which stimulates nerves in the eye. I don’t suppose that springs to mind readily when writing a song lyric. πŸ˜€

Day 113 ~ Storm egg Revisited

You may remember, dear reader, back on Day 67 I was being amazed by an organic egg, which Eddy over on the WINKO blog said he thought was called a storm egg- as storms stress out the chickens when they are giving birth– do chickens give birth?? well, probably they lay an egg, whatever. Either way, it causes veiny ripples in the outer casing, which looks cool. At my great age of 59 & 2/3, I had never seen one until I bought ‘proper’ organic eggs, from a farm, and not organic labeled ones from Asda- whos eggs are smooth as a baby’s bum. I wonder if ASDA are either a) telling porkies about the eggs being organic, or b) disposing of the ripple eggs so as not to offend their snowflakes. Snowflakes indeed, and ‘millenials’ or ‘baby boomers’ who thinks these things up?? ridiculous. Anyway I digress. At the weekend I’d run out of eggs so went to our local corner shop, a Londis as it happens, and in the egg section were a couple of cartons which purported to hold organic eggs, so I grabbed one, thinking at best they’d be free range. On getting ready to cook cloud eggs (not the same as storm eggs, see dayΒ 69 ) I discovered yet another ‘organic egg’. This one doesn’t look like it’s got as many varicose veins as the other one did, but its bottom end is very moony. I’m thinking not as much thunder and lightning perhaps. 🀣.🐣

Day 113 ~ Storm Egg

Day 80

Oh I just KNEW when my tree blossomed I’d have a hard time with a black & white photo every day. But I’m sticking with it.

Day 80 ~ blossom tree reflection on Noddy’s roof

but I didn’t make any rules about extra photos πŸ™‚

I made an amazing roasted tomato & basil soup today, even more delicious than I’ve had in restaurants.

Tomato Soup-to-be

I did a lot of gardening, really chucking out dead plants and bits and bobs and tidying up ready to plant some flowers in a couple of weeks.

And my Noddy car looks well under the blossom tree


but really, it’s all about the blossom


and a little extra shot for my poetic pal Fiery

Mother of Dragons πŸ™‚