Friday Film Shot

Not the best film shots today 🙂 Last night Phil & I had a party for his birthday.  Consequently we got up late today (very late!) and by the time my head was in gear to remember to take my shots it was already murky outside and neither my eyes or hands were very steady today! 😀

I still like how they turned out 🙂




Friday Film Shot

Today I had the pleasure of Livvys’ company, as it’s half term and her Mum and Dad were both working.  It was a lovely sunny morning so we went to Sandhaven beach to look for sea glass, then we met up with Shelley and her kids Cal & Liddy at the Wacky Warehouse, and had lunch at The Storybook.  Afterwards Livvy and I did shopping in ASDA, went through a carwash and then came home.  It was fun.  Took a few shots with the fuji but also with the SX-70, unfortunately I cocked up inserting the film so the shots have come out with ink leaks on them, so just 2 in colour. I took a couple with the 600 as well which is far less temperamental. All in all a fun day out.