Day 100

I go to ASDA when I’m doing the weekly shop, and ‘lonely shopping trolley’ is one of my Scavenger Hunt to-do’s, and now it’s day 100 shot too.

Day 100

Looks more like it’s hiding than being lonely, but it was alone, so that’s good enough. Of course it meant that some lazy-ass so and so couldn’t be bothered to push the trolley 2 meters away to put it in the trolley park. πŸ™„

Of course, it’s also CARWASH WEDNESDAY!!! YAY!!!! but today’s shots were better in colour, well it’s been a while πŸ™‚

Day 96

A cloudy grey weekend is upon the northeast coast, so no light and shade today 😦 . Instead, a relaxing morning reading the paper and doing the crossword puzzles. This afternoon I’ve been setting up a special feeding station for the birds in the back garden, – the breeding pair of blackbirds have returned to the leilandi, but no takers as yet.

This evening will consist of a Chinese takeaway, a bottle of sparkly rosΓ©, and a movie ‘Hotel Artemis’ starring Jodie Foster, it has so-so reviews, but her performance, apparently is very good, oscar worthy even according to some critics.

Such an exciting life I lead sometimes!! πŸ™‚

day 96 ~ puzzling

Day 87 & other stuff

Oh such a lovely sunny day today, but Thursdays are chore days at Fraggle Towers. Much hoovering, washing, cleaning, baking and floor mopping going on.

But always a few moments to find some light and shade

Day 87

can’t resist some colour because my blossom tree is laden with flowers and it’s too pretty not to share.

The blossom tree is known here as the Happy Eater tree, and regular readers will know I have feeding stations for the birds hung in its branches. Though I had a niger seed holder on it for a few years I only saw goldfinches once on it. This quite annoys me as I see a few flitting around where we live and can’t see what their problem is, none of the spuggies, tits, blackbirds etc have a problem and are constantly visiting. So I moved the niger feeder to the back garden and it’s hung there now for two years, and though the finches fly over my garden, they’ve resolutely ignored it.

Until yesterday evening.


2 x Goldfinch.

Not the greatest picture, I was hiding behind blinds and shooting through a window plus it was sundown time, but I was so excited to see them up close. At last. Fingers crossed for a return visit!

Day 60

Back in the day we used to call my Mum Inspector Gadget

because well, because she had every gadget going, teasmaids, ionisers, sodastream, one of those hairdryers with a tube and plastic bonnet, a foot massager, wall mounted can opener and every conceivable kitchen gadget. It makes me smile every time I invest in one of today’s gadgets, I’m sure she would approve of me following in her footsteps. 🀣

I didn’t even know soupmakers existed until my hairdresser told me about them yesterday- off to amazon I went and bish bash bosh I am now the proud owner of one.


There will be pictures of bowls of soup of course. 😊