Thursday Thoughts

Well the rain finally stopped this afternoon, and then started again, and stopped again, but the sky is grey & boring.  This weeks thoughts have been mostly about the weather, and I’ve been doing more than I’ve been thinking :).  My mosaic tiger is getting there slowly

Tomorrow Phil’s niece Lorraine and her hubby Paul are coming over and Lorraine is cooking for us, so I’ll be handing over my kitchen, Loz is a great cook so am looking forward to some delicioso scran.

Usually there is music, and dancing, and wine and whisky, vodka and beer,  and the playing of instruments, and then the falling into bed comatose and hangover in the morning, I somehow don’t think my giving up the wine is going to survive.



As I said last Thursday, I’m going to give a shout out to blogs that I really like,

last week was Pete at BEETLEYPETE

and this week I’m loving Clare who has 3 blogs,  THE MERMAIDS  PURSE   is where Clare writes about life by the sea in the South East of Ireland, and she takes lovely photographs, outdoes me for birds!! and is an extremely talented artist.  She also writes of her travels to other lands, and I really recommend her travel writings which always make me laugh.  She’s currently entertaining me with her tales of rescuing vultures in Croatia.  As you do 🙂  There’s so much to look through and enjoy in her blog, so well worth a visit.   Clare’s second blog is MONSTER IN THE NEXT ROOM  and this is where Clare posts original cartoons, mostly based on terrible puns :), the artwork is fantastic, and the giggles guaranteed.  Last but not least, a wonderful blog of art by Clare THE EASLE WEASLE.  Lately Clare posted a series of oil paintings along with a diary about her solo trip across the USA in 2006, which was fascinating and funny, but the paintings are so fabulous, I would buy them all if I could afford them, if you only check one thing out, this is the one and it starts HERE .

But really check them all out, there’s so much to love. Tell her I sent ya! 🙂

Friday Film Shots.

Ugh I am struggling with the Lightroom-smugmug interface today, so have taken a break to shoot some polaroids, just around the house, back to the struggle after :/.

My herby garden is coming along nicely, I nearly killed the coriander but rescued it just in time,

Job-Pro 600 Impossible gen 2 colour film

My mums plant is firing up some very red shoots, another back from the dead plant 🙂

Job-Pro 600 Impossible gen 2 colour film

and I replaced the chrysanthemums from the other week with some gorgeous pink lily’s, must shoot them in colour 🙂

SX-70 impossible 2 gen B&W film

and finally, now for some ‘proper’ Friday film shots to come. I really like shooting film, and I’ve been dicking about with a holga and the lubitel, but the lubitel is not flexible enough for me, it only goes up to 1/500 shutter speed and the focusing screen is dire, especially for someone who needs varyfocals. So here is a proper jobby.

Rolleiflex SL66 taken with polaroid SX-70, impossible 2 gen B&W film.

I’ve already started practicing, and am using a light meter to (hopefully) get the settings right, but it’s going to be a steep learning curve.  The history of the camera is quite fascinating and I’ll probably do a Fraggle Report about it at some point over on Across The Universe .  Anyways, back to the struggle..

Friday Film Shots

Today started off grim but this afternoon the wind blew all the clouds away and left behind some blue skies and sunshine.  I’ve been chasing patches of light around the house with my polaroids and still taking shots of the cherry blossom tree before all t he petals are gone.

the tree

Jobpro 600 impossible film

the view from my bedroom window

Jobpro 600 impossible film

my photography shelves

Jobpro 600 impossible film

feathered egg

SX-70 Impossible film


SX-70 Impossible film

Handle light

SX-70 Impossible film

The Herbies

SX-70 Impossible film

Mothers Day Flowers

SX-70 Impossible film

Friday Film Shot

A gorgeous sunny spring day today, played with my SX70, my Jobpro 600 and finally got round to shooting with the Lubitel 166B TLR, not sure what I’m doing with it but will see when the roll is complete and I get it developed. It’s a devil to operate and I’ll do a report on it when I’ve got any pictures from it. Happy day today 🙂

Today’s shots

SX-70, impossible colour film

Making the most of my blossom tree before all the petals get blown away.

600, impossible colour film

The Lubitel 166B TLR

SX-70, impossible colour film
600,impossible B&W film
SX-70, impossible B&W film

Friday Film Shot

Still doing indoor shots as the weather is yet again nasty out there 😦 3 days to go tie spring so all will change then I presume 🙂

some flowers with the SX70



and some B&W with the Jobpro 600

window scene

and Happy ST.Patricks day to anyone Irish (Clare 🙂 )

Friday Film Shot

Not the best film shots today 🙂 Last night Phil & I had a party for his birthday.  Consequently we got up late today (very late!) and by the time my head was in gear to remember to take my shots it was already murky outside and neither my eyes or hands were very steady today! 😀

I still like how they turned out 🙂