Day 67 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

Recently I’ve upped my eco~warrior game, and started getting my ‘produce’ (I hate that word for some unfathomable reason, I mean, produce, it should be a verb not a noun) from an organic farm. My vegetables and salad stuff are grown without the use of chemicals and are now lumpy, need washing and taste great. No plastic, it’s all bio-degradable packaging, and the meat all comes from animals and chickens running around in the great outdoors having it high on the hog.

I know I’m lucky to be able to afford to do it, as the stuff costs more than it does in ASDA for sure, but without people like me, organic farms wouldn’t thrive, and the more me’s there are, the easier it will be to expand that side of things and then the cost will reduce.

Well that’s in my La-La-Land brain anyhoo and you can’t knock a girl for trying.

Consequently, my second lot of organic eggs, inspired my shot for today.

Day 67 ~ Alien

Of course, y’all might be used to seeing wrinkly veiny eggs, but it is a first for me, and I wonder what I’m going to find inside it!

The 50 Picture Project

Well at last, some sunshine and warm temperatures, and forecast getting warmer for all next week, when I’ll be moaning about being too hot. No.1 son is supposed to be coming to visit for the weekend, but no show so far, and his phone is switched off. 🙄 I’ve been busy with the housework and cooking and stuff, but also am continuing with my 50 Pictures of a mirror project, so here are the next three.






The 50 Picture Project

Men are in my kitchen replacing the boiler, I have no water until tomorrow and my car is blocked in by their vans. It’s blowing a hooley outside and I had to chase the garden furniture and plants around the garden – currently, we are in the throes of Storm Hector or is it Howard, I forget, whoever it is I’m not going out there until it stops! I am keeping out of the way and hiding in my shed or in my study.  Haha, study indeed! How middle-class does that sound!!?? I’ll be voting for Jacob Rees- Mogg next.  (NOT!!!)  Anyway, it’s really a converted bedroom which houses my computer and camera stuff, books and useless knick-knacks.

I started a new photography project today, as part of the 50 pictures Project group over on the Ipernity photo site.  The only parameters are to use one object in 50 different shots, or you can use 50 different objects but have the same title- i.e 50 different chairs,. No time limit to do the project so it’s all very loose, which I like. I have decided to do 50 mirror shots, though I haven’t quite decided yet whether to do 50 of the same mirror or change it up a bit and use/find different ones.  I like having a project to work on.  It hones creativity I think or at least focusses the mind to think creatively.  Having a time limit would focus it more of course, but I’m not one for limits. I chose a mirror because it makes you think about composition, and it helps to tell a story so the viewer engages with the photo, you can tell me if that works.

So here are my first  2 shots for the project

(1) Shed shelf


2 Other shed shelf


they’re embiggenable of course.