Day 286

Back to rain and gloom here today, it seems a bit extreme after such a lovely day yesterday, but it’s how we roll up here. Not very inspiring for photograhy, but todays Sunday Challenge group theme is bags, so I got out the macro lens and shot my roll of non P.C peddle bin bags. I suppose I ought to source a non plastic variety really. Sometimes it’s hard to be an eco-warrior.

Day 286 ~ rubbish bags

Day 242

Messing about in the shed today, weathers bloody awful.

Day 242 ~ Moonlight serenade

In other news, Harry visited again last night, and apparently is not a Harry at all, but a Harriet. I know this because she had a gentleman caller following her, who proceeded to have his wicked way with her, right in the food dish. 🥴🙄 I will spare you the video clip. There was no post-coital cigarette, Jack the Lad buggered off, and Harriet spent another hour or so in the garden having a wander and stuffing her face.

Day 223

Sophies other half is visiting her (he lives in Spain) at the moment, so Phil and I were due to go on an outing with them today. Hadn’t quite decided where, but since seeing the weather forecast, it was decided not to go, and good job too. It started raining here at 11am and it’s still raining now 9 and a half hours later, with no sign of stopping. I will need an ark to go to work in tomorrow. So a leisurely Sunday indoors, and I cooked a Sunday lunch instead, which was yummy, but I’d rather have gone out in some sunshine!

Couldn’t get inspired for photography I’m afraid, so just a boring shot of the roses I got the other day.

Day 223 ~ Roses

Day 116

Today I received a mystery package in the post. There is a thought process we go through when something mysterious comes into our lives and this was mine.

  • Ooh, what did drunk me order for sober me?
  • That’s not an Amazon package.
  • Ooh, that stamp’s different, Polska?
  • That footballer is quite handsome.
  • It’s from Poland! I know people in Poland.
  • There’s a name & address label on it, says Gosia, I know a Gosia!
  • It’s from Eddy & Gosia!

Opens package.

  • It’s a square of hessian or something and a jar of cream!
  • Did I order that and forget?
  • Have they sent it to me by mistake and someone else should have it?
  • I’d best get in touch with Eddy.

1/2 hour later-

  • I’ll take a photo so he knows what I’m on about.
  • Mmm, this cream stuff smells yummy!
  • Maybe this is a coaster!
Mystery stuff.

So I check the envelope eventually, and find a letter inside with full explanation! Duh! 🙄 Eddy has sent me a pan scrub Gosia has made to test out instead of using the spongy things that are not recyclable. It’s made of sisal, which according to wiki is a ‘species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries. It yields a stiff fiber used in making various products’. It’s compostible when it finally gives out. You hang it from your tap so it dries out in between washes and boil it in hot water every couple of weeks to keep it fresh. It might be bleachable too but I’ll get info from Eddy on that.

Ready for action!

The hand cream is very luxurious and smells like all kinds of gorgeous, I’m really grateful for that as my hands are dry from using a lot of alcoholic rub at work.

I urge you all to check out Eddy & Gosia’s sustainable products which they post anywhere in the world and are very reasonably priced. This is the blog post where you can find out about the gorgeous soaps, balms, shaving cream, bath bombs, etc

Read about them HERE

and this is where you can order them from


Save the planet people!

Day 92

No light and shade today, cloudy and grey, and I’ve been at work anyway. Never mind, for days like this there are always bears. Actually I am in a photographic scavenger hunt group, i.e have to photograph 50 items from a pre-ordained list, as I thought it may help get me through 50 of my 365 days!

You, my dear beloved follower, have already seen the ‘feather’ and ‘shadows’ (mop bucket) from the list, and today I’m giving you ‘something from your childhood’. Really my childhood obvs. (Obvs is the new hip way to write obviously by the way, I like it because it’s quicker, but hate it because it’s rubbish grammar, so that’s the last time you’ll see it used. It would have been quicker to use ‘obviously’ as that wouldn’t have needed an explanation. But I digress.)

Well, I’ve lived a long time so you would think I’d be hard pushed to find anything, but I have 2 items from those jurassic days. The first are my first pair of baby shoes, kidskin no less and I found them amongst Mum’s possessions after she died, that was a sweet shock, gave me a few tears.

The second is the teddy bear given to me when I was born. I don’t remember by whom or who (delete as applicable) and don’t think I ever asked. As I grew up he was always Teddy. I had other soft toys but Teddy was my main man. Eventually, I grew up, as you do, mostly. And I say mostly because I never grew up enough to leave Teddy behind. He came with me when I left home to go to Nursing School, he came with me whenever I moved, Nurses Residences rented flats or apartments, (delete as applicable), my first bought house, my next … well you get the picture. And he’s still here, with the other bears. All his stuffing has disappeared, but there’s no holes in him and he’s still got his eyes. He’s flat as a pancake though and very floppy. So he’s known as Dead Ted now. 🙄🤣

day 92 ~Baby shoes & Dead Ted


Day 60

Back in the day we used to call my Mum Inspector Gadget

because well, because she had every gadget going, teasmaids, ionisers, sodastream, one of those hairdryers with a tube and plastic bonnet, a foot massager, wall mounted can opener and every conceivable kitchen gadget. It makes me smile every time I invest in one of today’s gadgets, I’m sure she would approve of me following in her footsteps. 🤣

I didn’t even know soupmakers existed until my hairdresser told me about them yesterday- off to amazon I went and bish bash bosh I am now the proud owner of one.


There will be pictures of bowls of soup of course. 😊