Day 298

I’ve had a cold brewing since Monday, and today it’s progressed into the annual chest infection, so am not the best :/ . In spite of this I had to go into Newcastle today to find some shoes. We are off to the Cotswolds on Thursday for a family wedding, and of course you have to have a new outfit for a wedding, can’t possibly wear the one you wore for last years wedding, social death! πŸ™„πŸ€£ So I bought a dress on line which (amazingly) fits, and found some shoes today to match. I hate dresses but it’s only for one day so I’ll live.

Phil came too as he needed a new jacket, and after shopping we got coffee from Greggs and sat for 10 mins. Phil went off for a browse around W.H Smiths, and I took some iphone pictures. πŸ™‚

day 298 ~ decisions decisions
Maybe homeless..maybe not
needs a hand

Day 287

This chap lives in the house opposite. Their back garden meets ours. I can see into their kitchen and they could, if they looked up, see into my play room. I call him Vape-Man, as he stands in the garden and vapes in nice weather, but it’s cold now so he’s in the kitchen instead.

Day 287 ~ You’ve been papped!

Beware photographers with telephoto lenses people, keep your blinds down at night 🀣 🀣

Day 237

Day 237 ~ urban landscape.

It’s been a beautiful day, lots of washings on lines. I’m still Fraggle McFatface so haven’t ventured out, though I think it’s getting better. Phil is at work so I’ve had a quiet day, doing cleaning & ironing and cutting my toenails (I know, gross, sorry) and reading in the garden. And it’s a Bank Holiday tomorrow which is always a good thing. πŸ™‚

Day 230

I’ve been asked to photograph the Viking Statue at Jarrow for a text book of some description, so went and did that this morning. Of course I had to use one for todays post too. πŸ™‚

Designed by Colin M Davidson and dating from 1961, they are a reminder of the Viking raids on the Monastery there in 794. I wrote about that HERE.

Day 230 ~ Vikings of Jarrow

Day 177​

Had to deliver some hearing aids for work in South Shields today, so stopped off after and took some shots of the rather marvelous Town Hall. Unfortunately, from whatever angle you look at it, there is loads of street furniture in the way of it, and though I managed to get rid of a couple of bits, the Give Way sign was just too much! Click on it to embiggen as the details of the building are well cool.

Day 177 ~ South Shields Town Hall

Day 146

I’ve been a little under the weather today. What an absolutely stupid phrase to mean you’ve not been feeling well. Under the weather. What numpty thought that one up, and why on earth did it catch on?

Well I can tell you as I’ve just asked google so you don’t have to, though you may already know the answer anyway.

In the old days, when a sailor was unwell, he was sent down below to help his recovery, under the deck and away from the weather.

Of course, there is never just one answer! From a different site comes … “Passengers aboard ships become seasick most frequently during times of rough seas and bad weather. Seasickness is caused by the constant rocking motion of the ship. Sick passengers go below deck, which provides shelter from the weather, but just as importantly the sway is not as great below deck, low on the ship.”

Either way, it’s a sailing thing. However, I am not sailing today, but still can be classed as under the weather I feel. No matter, it’s not a biggy and I’ll be right as rain (! ) 🀣🀣 in no time!!

Day 146 ~ Noddy

Day 68

Over on the Universe blog I’ve recently done a post on Tynemouth Market. Co-incidentally I went again today as I’d run out of olive spread from a lady who’s husband lives in Greece growing olive trees and making the spread, as well as refining olive oil and assorted other thingys, while she’s over here with the kids in school and she’s selling their produce. I love the spread on my toast for breakfast, it’s well lush! (Damn you Brexit if that goes down the pan! πŸ™‚ ) Sophie is away seeing her man in Spain, so Phil came with me, and managed to spend a heap of cash as he found the original cap badges and a medal he needed for a project he’s doing about his Mum and Dad when they were in WW2. I spent a heap of cash on olive spread, sweet chili and irn bru sausages, some not very healthy pasties for tea, a bear, 2 codd bottles (more of them in the week) and a pair of awesome steampunk boots which I will also be featuring here one day next week. Betcha can’t wait.

Of course I took my camera, but this time with my B&W head on, so here are a few from my outing.

These appealed to my inner eco~warrior, but they seemed a bit flimsy, and what happens when it rains?

eco bags

This is Pete, he makes pease pudding with different flavours, and Phil ended up buying 3 pots! Wish I’d got the sign behind him in the shot, which read, Give Pease a Chance.πŸ™„πŸ€£

Pete and pease.

I liked the sound of these!


Someone has been enterprising..

Cool CD Clocks

The market is held in Tynemouth metro station, which is quite beautiful, and has a fab bridge to go from one side of it to the other

a bridge not too far

Of course I had to click these, they are decorative rather than working, according the vendor, but he wasn’t sure!

vintage cameras

One of these might have come home with me πŸ™‚ and may be on the bear shelf.

sad hippo and pals

It was a lovely sunny day, and being under the roof kept us sheltered from the wind.

It was a good day for finding light and shade

shady ladies

That one was going to be shot of the day, but I chose this next one because the writing on them made me laugh. Click to embiggen it and have a giggle.

Day 68

One last shot, and this just could NOT be anything but colour!

cupcake heaven

Day 52

Went into Newcastle this afternoon, and took the 100F with me and did what is now known as a bit of a Joblin-with-a-g, i.e a bit of street shooting. It’s not really my normal thing, and I do have nerves going off when I’m shooting random people, so I’m not at John’s level – check his stuff out HERE

but here’s a few I managed

Smile you’re on candid camera!
The balloon busker
Joe Treacy ~ really nice voice.
Day 52 ~ shadow walking