Across the pond 2017

Back at the end of 2016 my friend from across the pond in Rochester NY, Kathy, and I, decided to do a collaboration throughout 2017, where once a month we would take a square iPhone shot each on a given theme, and I would put the shots into a diptych and post them on this blog. We took it in turns to choose a theme, and now at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 our collaboration has come to an end. It was great fun as neither of us knew what the other one planned.  Kathys blog is at however Kathy hasn’t blogged for a while as she’s been through a lot of family health issues and upheavals this year.  She still managed a shot each month though in spite of it all, and the good news is that things are getting better so hopefully she’ll be back on the blog this new year!

Here is our collaboration in full, with our final shots to see out the old year.

January ~ Water
February ~ Graffiti
March~New Growth
April ~ Music
May ~ Food
June ~ Festival or event
July ~ People in B&W

August~ use the plotograph app to make stills with moving parts.

September ~ the lego girls





October ~ bottles
November ~ animals in the wild, (kind of)

Our last theme for December was something American, something British. Kathy did the Ginny brew house Christmas tree, which is made from kegs of beer and is 26 ft. tall. I did the Tyne Bridge.

Hope you all enjoyed following along as much as we did doing it!

Across the Pond 9 ~ Sept 2017

Our ongoing collaboration of iPhone photography (details HERE).

It was my turn to choose the theme for September, and thought Frego and Lady O could do with an outing

I took Frego to the coast, and Kathy put Lady O on a chest of drawers 🙂

Across The Pond ~ August 2017

Our ongoing collaboration of iPhone photography (details HERE).  For August it was Kathy’s turn to choose the theme, and she chose ‘use the Plotograph app’, which I featured back in the blog HERE

Of course it’s not possible to do them as a diptych so have run them together in a short video.  Mine are the boring clouds, and Kathy has done a fab job with a shot of some boys playing in a playground.

Across The Pond ~ April and May

For more info on Kathy & my collaboration, click HERE

I didn’t get to post last months diptych as I was away in Poland on the last day of the month, so doing a double post today.

Our theme for April was ‘Music’, Kathy went to see a play called ‘Summer of Love’, all 60’s and 70’s music set to Ballet, and I went to a food fair where they had a band.

For May we decided that ‘Food’ would be our theme,  Kathy went to the zoo and shot a kitty having lunch, and I went to another food fair and shot some chocolate cakes.




Across The Pond 2 ~ February 28th 2017

Kathy and I continue our collaboration and this months theme was Graffiti.  Kathy’s shot on the left leads to the underground of an old subway system, she has just posted a really cool blog on the graffiti on the Rochester (New York State) transit system, now disused, you can see it HERE, some fab artwork and spooky underground bits.

My shot on the right is over the bridge of the disused railway at Wardley (Tyne & Wear),  I think they go together pretty well!

For more info on our collaboration see HERE

and here’s our pictures for today.