Day 120

I’m quite busy getting sorted for going away on Friday morning, lots to do! The early morning sun caught the top of Mums plant and so I managed a shot for today.

Day 120 ~ Mums plant

I must’ve been told the name of this plant a gazillion times, but I can never remember it, it is always Mums plant. And because it’s my blog and I can do what I want, I’m putting the colour version here as it is quite a spectacle.

Day 118

After a few weekends when one or both of us were unavailable, Sophie and I got together today and went to explore Embleton Bay and round about there.

Day 118 ~ Embleton Bay

It was a lovely day and so nice to be outside all day. There’ll be a full report at some point on the Universe blog.

Day 113 ~ Storm egg Revisited

You may remember, dear reader, back on Day 67 I was being amazed by an organic egg, which Eddy over on the WINKO blog said he thought was called a storm egg- as storms stress out the chickens when they are giving birth– do chickens give birth?? well, probably they lay an egg, whatever. Either way, it causes veiny ripples in the outer casing, which looks cool. At my great age of 59 & 2/3, I had never seen one until I bought ‘proper’ organic eggs, from a farm, and not organic labeled ones from Asda- whos eggs are smooth as a baby’s bum. I wonder if ASDA are either a) telling porkies about the eggs being organic, or b) disposing of the ripple eggs so as not to offend their snowflakes. Snowflakes indeed, and ‘millenials’ or ‘baby boomers’ who thinks these things up?? ridiculous. Anyway I digress. At the weekend I’d run out of eggs so went to our local corner shop, a Londis as it happens, and in the egg section were a couple of cartons which purported to hold organic eggs, so I grabbed one, thinking at best they’d be free range. On getting ready to cook cloud eggs (not the same as storm eggs, see dayΒ 69 ) I discovered yet another ‘organic egg’. This one doesn’t look like it’s got as many varicose veins as the other one did, but its bottom end is very moony. I’m thinking not as much thunder and lightning perhaps. 🀣.🐣

Day 113 ~ Storm Egg

Day 112

Another limited edition sunny day, this Easter has had the hottest temperatures since records began. It’s been nice, but it’s going back to normal on Wednesday apparently. I’m quite glad about that, I wasn’t ready for the tropics!

Phil came out with me for a bike ride this afternoon

Biker Boy

I’m annoyed with myself for cutting off the bottom of the bike, which is as bad as cutting peoples feet off, but hey-ho you can’t be perfect all the time πŸ™‚

As well as the bike ride, I’ve processed photo’s from yesterday at the beach, re-arranged the furniture in my playroom, and cooked a yummy dinner. Now for a little glass of wine (that might not be so little) and Game of Thrones! A very nice end to the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Day 110

It has been a busy day at Fraggle Towers We’ve had some visitors,

Mad Livvy

Carl with Matthew and Livvy, though the lads were on the x-box so didn’t see much of them πŸ™‚

The sun was out today and summer hit us slap in the face, temperature in our conservatory was 40 degs C when we got up this morning! After Carl left I took my bike out for a spin, and did a half hour getting-to-know-you-again session, I can change gears now πŸ™‚

out and about

It was hot though and I should have gone later when it was cooler as I was overheating when I got home!

This evening the other grandkids have come for a stopover and day out with us tomorrow, though they don’t know that bit yet or they’d be too excited to sleep πŸ™‚

We did a bar-B-Q for t hem for their tea (dinner if you must)

Grand Master Cheffy Chef
If you must Nanny…

according to Liddy it was the best Bar-B-Q in the world!

Bar-B-Q Judge Liddy

After tea (dinner) we all went for a walk

Best Pals

And then came home for more playing

In da house

And now it’s quite late, they’ve had a bath (the best bath in the world according to Liddy) had a story and settled into bed. Phil and I can now go and celebrate our Wedding Anniversary by flaking out in front of the TV with a bottle of something that has –percent proof written on it!

Day 109

Back in the day, when I lived down south, many weekends in spring and summer, me and a couple of friends used to go cycling along the part of the Grand Union Canal that runs between Hemel Hempstead and Tring. There are many pubs along that route, and we would cycle all the way to Tring without stopping, have lunch at a Pub in Tring by the canal, and then ride back, stopping at most of the pubs on the way back! It was a 16 mile round trip with a killer hill to do to get back home, I was so fit back then!!

I’ll be lucky to do 2 speeds, slow and slower!

Sadly I can’t find my photo’s from then 😦 but the route along the canal was stunning. We would stop and watch the brightly painted canal barges go by, waving at the oldies and their dogs as they chundled past. It was lovely to watch them go through the canal locks, and we even helped with the locks now and then. There were long uninhabited stretches where tall weeping willows kissed the water with their long, lazy branches and birdsong was our soundtrack. Sometimes we’d see a heron fishing for his lunch, or dinner.

For some of the route the River Bulbourne runs parallel to the canal and we’d stop to gaze at the large riverside homes, whos gardens tailed down to the river.

sofa seat!

In the built up areas we sometimes had to cross from one side to the other and one day, on the return journey, after the 3rd pub stop, I cycled down the path to take a sharp left bend but instead carried straight on into the canal. Two of my friends had gone ahead already to get the next drinks in πŸ™„ but my pal Nicki turned round to see my back wheel disappearing under water, and turned back to help me out. I got to the pub dripping wet and went straight off to the ladies where I attempted to dry my clothes under the hand dryer, without much success. My pals were laughing their heads off, and of course, the place was packed so I imagine they were not the only ones.

Black Beauty

Since I moved up here life has not lent itself to cycling weekends. Phil and I have done a couple of rides, but there’s so much other stuff that takes priority. But inspiration came from my pal Clare’s Freshty blog this week, and the turn in the weather so I have got my old bike out of the shed (or rather Phil has), pumped up the tyres (or rather Phil has), oiled the chain and gears (or rather Phil has 🀣 ) cleaned it all up (I did that!) and was just about to go out for a spin to check the gears and have a little play, when Phil’s sister and her hubby turned up to wish us Happy Wedding Anniversary for tomorrow and stayed for a cuppa. Any way, the weather is looking good for tomorrow so I will be off on a test drive. How hard can it be? Like riding a bike? πŸ™‚

Day 109

Day 108

Last flower on my blossom tree.

Day 108 ~ Last man standing.

Regular readers may remember last year a family of mice took up residence under my shed. They stayed there all through winter, but disappeared a few weeks ago and we thought that was that, they’re off to pastures new, spring is sprung and they all want to get jiggy. I was glad of that, to be honest. They were not any trouble, but the warm weather is here and I want to keep doors open to the garden without risking an invasion.

But it seems they didn’t move out, they just went on holiday. I spilled a bit of bird food on the garden path and later my eye caught a movement by it. Hmm I thought, so I put a bit more down by the shed to see if I was right, and sure enough

Madam bloody Mouse.

So far I’ve seen Madam bloody Mouse, and two smaller ones. Sigh. Well at least Phil will be chuffed, he missed them when we thought they’d gone. πŸ™„

Day 105

This probably isn’t of much interest to anyone as it’s just a picture of a book, so feel free to move along πŸ™‚

It’s actually one of Phil’s WW2 history reference books, and as today is a work day for me I’m doing one of the Scavenger hunt pictures, which is~ #14 A book in a different language to yours.

I don’t speak, read or understand Czechoslovakian (and neither does Phil πŸ˜€ ) so this fits the bill nicely.

Ground Operations of the Axis & Allied Forces. Apparently.