Day 236

Two days into my 60’s and already my immune system is deteriorating 🙄 . I woke up this morning wondering why my vision included a weird bulge under the right eye. When I looked in the mirror the soft skin under that eye is swollen up and filled with fluid. Also most of the right side of my face is puffed out. On further examination (prodding) I found it hurt to do so, and am assuming now I have a tooth abscess. FFS! I’m majorly fed up as I scrupulously clean my pegs and floss at least 3 times a day because I don’t like dentist trips. I envisage a trip to the dentist next week though 😢

Consequently it’s hard to take photographs as I use my right eye and anyway I can’t go out looking like I just about survived a round with Mohammed Ali so I did my beautiful lilies instead. They’ve really opened up now and their perfume is pervading the whole house. Gorgeous!


one is never enough though 🙂

day 236 ~ lilies

Day 231

I usually only photograph my cherry blossom tree in spring when the blossoms do their thing. The tree has really got big now and I can nearly touch the top branches leaning out of the bedroom window. When the sun goes down, and there’s no light and shade anywhere else, the tree top is always bathed in golden rays. Of course you can’t tell it’s golden because I’m doing black and white 😀, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Day 231 ~ Golden Tree top

Day 229

Phil was feeling a bit better today, so I finally got to go out with Sophie and Juan, whomst we call Mentat, which is his last name, but the one everyone uses for some unfathomable reason. 🙂 Sophie had shown him photo’s of castles we have visited and told him to pick one, and so off we went to Bamburgh Castle.

It was fab to get out and see the sea and take some photos. (This one’s for you Pete 🙂 )

Day 229 ~ Bamburgh Castle

Day 226

I think a fair few people will have old shoes they can’t go out in anymore that have been designated ‘garden shoes’. These one below are mine, and I bought them back in 2005 not long after Mum died, and with some of the money I had from the sale of her house after. I had never bought a pair of expensive shoes before, these cost £60 at the time. They were just what I always wanted and were immediately so comfy. They didn’t need ‘wearing in’ at all, and I think I must have worn them every day until the backs fell apart and the soles leaked. I was glum when they were just too much of a mess to go out in, but I couldn’t give them up, as they are a link to my Mum, and they now live by our back door and I change into them to go outside to the garden or the shed when it’s raining. I have replaced them with another pair of CAT boots, same company, and considering we are 14 years on, they cost the same. But I couldn’t get the new ones in the same colour, and the toe part is a slightly different shape that I’m not so keen on, but they are just as hard wearing and functional. I’ll never love them though, not like I do these.

Day 226 ~ Garden Shoes.

Day 225

I bought this orchid to photograph back on day 42, and photographed it then when it only had a couple of flowers on it. 187 days later today, the last flower has opened. It has been lush to watch it grow to magnificence, my others don’t really compare I’m afraid. In a few days time the first of its flowers will start to perish, and one by one they’ll all drop off. I wanted to take a shot of it in full magnifico mode before that happens, so here it is.

Day 225 ~ The white orchid.

Day 220

Phil and I went into Newcastle today, and of course a camera came too. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this building facade in Northumberland Street before!

Four Statues

Going clockwise from the top left, the statues are of Thomas Bewick (1755 – 1828) who was a world renowned wood engraver, ornithologist and artist.

Harry Hotspur (1366 – 1403) which was a nickname given due to his bravery in battle, particularly against the Scots and the French. His real name was Sir Henry Percy and he died fighting in a rebellion against Henry IV.

Roger Thornton (?-1429)  became Newcastle’s mayor on three occasions as well as an MP. He made his fortune as a merchant in spite of coming from a poor background.

   Sir John Marley (1590 – 1673)  Royalist Mayor of Newcastle who defended the city against an invading Scottish army in 1644 and remained as Mayor after the English Civil War.    

Can’t resist the wonderful architecture of Central Station so that’s the daily today! Also that clock’s wrong 😀

Day 220 ~ Central