Day 283

I took a little walk up to our post office this afternoon, it’s not very far and I knew there would be some photo opportunities along the pathway. When I got there the chap behind the counter told me the post office was shut all this week and not open again until Monday. I am WTF?ing. In olden days they would have had holiday cover, but that was when the Post Office was in our local Londis and before it moved to our local Old Peoples Home. I think it isn’t a proper post office as it doesn’t show up on the post office web site as being a branch. Things ain’t what they used to be.

Never mind I got some autumnal shots of leaves and berries and the like on the way back. Hashtag silver lining 😀

Day 283 ~ fern and swirly bokeh

The 50 Picture Project

I’m still doing my Mirror project, and had a fettle on in the garden.  All the flowers are gone now, except this yellow one which came late to the party.  

The Last Hurrah

We have a frequent visitor to the garden since the mice moved in under the shed. We call him Mr.Fluffy. So far, he hasn’t caught one. A bit of a poor show really. 😀

You’re looking the wrong way!!

Autumn has definitely arrived here, at least in my garden, I’d much appreciate the weather god giving me a nice day to go find some coloured trees. 

Autumn & Raindrops.

This isn’t a mirror shot, but here’s Mr.Fluffy in large.

If I ignore her she’ll go away..

Thursday Thoughts

After the summer or lack of it that we had up here, I am really looking forward to the end of it. Autumn will be along shortly, and that is the best time for photography, well apart from spring, and sunny days by the sea, and snowy scenes 🙂 but seriously,

I love the colours of the leaves in Autumn


I love halloween

and pumpkins carved

and crunching through fallen leaves on a crisp sunny day

and the low light across the landscape

and decaying flowers

getting wrapped up warm and taking the kids hunting

and wee drams to warm your cockles

and cooking warming foods

yes indeed, stick your rainy cold summer, roll on Autumn!