Day 234

I’m having such a lovely birthday today. Just got back from lunch out with Phil and his sister Annette and her hubby Brian joined us at the pub we went to. I had my favourite pub luncheon the world – scampi, fat fries, salad and tartar sauce, it was delicious! Phil surprised me this morning by having got me a load of Marvel Blu-rays to fill in the gaps in my collection and I still have wine and chocolates to get into tonight. Thanks to all my friends on here for loads of best wishes, and especially to Kim who went and did this…

Day 234 ~ Birthday Girl

Day 199

It’s Cal’s birthday today and Liddy’s tomorrow so we all went out to an Italian restautant by the sea. Cal hada a big sirloin steak and managed the lot, and then the restaurant staff brought him ice cream and sang happy birthday to him 🙂 We had a lovely dinner and it was nice to be with the fam.

Day 199 ~ Birthday Boy

Thursday Thoughts

Today is my lovely hubby’s 60th birthday. A couple of weeks ago he had a big party in conjunction with 3 of his work mates who all have their 60th within a few weeks of each other and had a grand time, with lots of alcohol related presents given to him, and lots of friends and family turned up making it a fab night for him




Today is a busy day for him, he’s on holiday this and next week, and has been busy getting my shed up and running. My shed has been fighting back.  He got a power stapler gun from Amazon which broke down 5 minutes into starting the job of insulating the shed. Off he went to B&Q where he got the exact same staple gun (they didn’t have any others) at twice (!) the cost of what it was on Amazon, with the same result that it broke down 5 minutes after using it.  The make is ‘Stanley’ which is supposed to be quality gear, but obviously is a pile of poo. SO back to B&Q for a refund, and then bought a non-powered JCB staple gun which works a treat. On the first trip to B&Q he also bought extra insulation as he’d run out, and that turned out to be twice as expensive and shorter in length and poorer in quality than the stuff he’d got from Amazon.     Today he’s had a dentist appointment, visited Livvy to give her her birthday present and card (shared birthday of course 🙂 ) and gone to Wicks for more shed stuff.

The shed is my birthday present from last year and will eventually be my ‘studio’ for photography and making mosaics, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have a hubby that is doing this for me.  So my thoughts today are about a wonderful man who is kind and considerate, funny and clever, artistic and practical, and whom I couldn’t live without.

If you read this Hubby, thank you so much for all you do for me, you are my sun and stars xx