Monday 2nd July 2018

Already we are into July, and so far it’s turning out to be a scorcher, well at least 2 days of it have been and we’re due a whole week of it.  I’ve not been blogging much as have been out and about with my camera and Sophie or Phil most weekends, and this week Phil and I are off to the Isle of Wight for a family wedding.  I’ll have lots to blog when winter comes back in a couple of weeks. As well as the outings, the kitchen renovation is STILL ongoing, 4 months since it started. You have to laugh as it’s not a very big kitchen by any stretch.  Delays and missing screws, people not turning up, it’s been one thing after another and we are of a mind that this kitchen is cursed.  These are the times you have to tell yourself there’s a lot of people living without food, let alone a kitchen, to calm yourself down, but it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t happen when they should. nevermind, enough moaning Minnie here. I thought I’d post up the random shots I’ve taken throughout July for y’all to gawp at.

a good bit of grass

Ben and his mate Dan visited last weekend, and cleared all the old cement and moss from the patio, and repointed it.


We had a lovely sunset that evening, and I took a picture of it , and one of Dan’s car as it was shiny 🙂



And Shelley brought the kids over for a visit so I took a couple of Liddy

Colouring in

I saw these two on the ariel across the road and it made me laugh because out of no-where I remembered this verse

“One bright morning in the middle of the night
two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other”.

I must google it at somepoint as I don’t know where that came from!


Back to Back

It’s Monday and everyone is posting a song for Monday for some reason I have no idea about. But I’ve been thinking about Linda Ronstadt a lot since Pete’s post with Crystal Gale.  Sadly Ms.Ronstadt has fallen a victim of Parkinsons in her later years and can no longer sing, but Gawd was she awesome for many years. She could sing Jazz, the Blues, Rock, Power Ballads and Country and probably the telephone directory and make it sound gorgeous, have a treat and listen to this. (First few seconds are quiet while they start).


Mundanity Monday

Another week completed of B&W with (mostly) no people.

On Monday my shiny new (well almost new- ‘good as’ according to amazon) 23mm lens arrived.

I forgot to do a shot on Tuesday 🙄

On Wednesday the moon was out in daylight and though I did get a sharp shot, I like this one with the blurry bird and moon better

It snowed on Thursday

and on Friday Frego came back to do a shoot, she brought assistants and they had a tea break or two during the shoot

Phil spent  Saturday changing stereo equipment from one room to another

and on Sunday Sophie and I went off to Newcastle to do a Heritage tour of the 17th Century Guild Hall, which will be reported on the Universe blog at some point.




Mundanity Monday

I missed a couple of days shooting B&W last week, but resumed half way through, so a couple of extra ones here this week.

Last Saturday we treated ourselves to rib eye steak. I’m crap at cooking steak in spite of religiously following Gorgon Ramsey’s video. 😦

on Sunday Sophie and I had a camera outing to the Rising Sun country park, (report to come on the universe blog).

Washed my hair on Monday

Went to work on Tuesday morning

Checked out the Christmas lights on Wednesday

Bought some flowers on Thursday

a coal~tit visited on Friday

Frego & I got new camera’s on Saturday 🙂

Sophie and I went out on Sunday

I know there’s not meant to be people in them but it’s my project so I can break the rules if I want 😀

laters gaters!




Mundanity Monday

Still managing a daily B&W, surprisingly.

Ironing ~ how mundane is that!?

Day 12

this is one of my favourite cleaning jobs

Day 13

keeping my shed nice and tidy

Day 14

Friday night is music night in our house, putting the discs back in alphabetical order is no picnic the day after

Day 15

I don’t like going to the cinema, you can’t rewind and watch bits over, or pause to go to the loo 🙂 but I made an exception, and it was a fab movie!

Day 16

The orchid petals have given up the ghost 😦

Day 17

I think about my boy a lot, he lives far away so I don’t see him often, but I keep him close in my heart, and photo’s of him as a lad make me smile.

Day 18

Another B&W week done, maybe I’ll keep going!




Mundanity Monday

SO my first full week of the project, and I’ve managed a mundane shot every day, and have been playing with different tones in B&W mode.

Day 5 fell on halloween, I hadn’t had time to get and carve a pumpkin so after work I shot off to Asda as they’d had loads when I went a couple of days beforehand (should have got one then!) of course there were no pumpkins left 😦 but I did find this cheap and tacky plastic one which lights up with different coloured lights, so made do with that.

Day 6 was a housework day, and there’s nothing more mundane than doing the washing up!

Day 7 was a chill day, and I took some time to have a coffee and read the paper

Day 8 I decided to try a new recipe for dinner, Alfredo Salmon Pasta, which was very easy and very yummy (link to recipe HERE)

Day 9 I was so pleased with last night’s recipe I thought I’d try another one, stuffed baked potatoes which was also very easy and yummy but we won’t have them again as Phil nearly died of heartburn!

Day 10, was a sunny but cold day, I cleaned the kitchen and noticed how the low sun sent a wide shaft of light  through the kitchen. I love the light and shade, so cool in B&W.

Day 11, back to work today and the first early morning frost on my car!

SO that’s that. More mundanity next Monday 🙂 stay tooned!

Monday Miscellany

On Friday this week my old Pal Helen down in Biggleswade challenged me to take part in a Facebook photography challenge that’s doing the rounds –  ‘Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people and no explanations’.  These type of challenges happen a lot, and I don’t usually bother, but I liked the cut of this one’s gib as black and white photography is not my thing ~ gimme colour! and lots of it! 🙂 . But I remember my black and white month last February in my 366 was really enjoyable for me, and so decided to join in this time.  It’s got me thinking, it isn’t that easy to find something about ‘your life’ to photograph.  Most of life, for me at least is about the mundane, getting up, washing, going to work, eating stuff, doing the laundry. Of course exciting things happen, holidays, mince & mash dinner, meeting friends, going out with my camera, but mostly it’s everyday mundanity.

I looked up the definition of mundane/mundanity, and got some examples  “Superman hid his heroic feats by posing as his mundane alter ego, Clark Kent.” Mundane, from the Latin word mundus, “world,” originally referred to things on earth. (from Well I’m no superman but that sounded quite exciting! ‘Any company that advertises itself as ‘fun’ is simply making a desperate and futile attempt to distract attention away from the soul-destroying mundanity that is the reality of its day-to-day life.’ (Oxford English dictionary) and that sounds quite depressing! So I’m going with Miriam Webster’s definition~  dull and ordinary. : relating to ordinary life on earth rather than to spiritual things.  Once the 7 day challenge is over on faceache, I’m going to carry on, and am calling it my ‘Mundanity Project’.  I think that fits in with Monday Miscellany quite nicely.  I’m not sure how long the project will be, I’m leaving it open ended, but will take a photo each day until I don’t want to do it anymore.

Here’s this Mondays collection

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Black and white photography is a whole different ball game than colour, your mind has to think in a different way when composing, and lighting, and choosing the right subject too. Hopefully I will improve as I go on!

laters gaters 🙂


Film Friday

Sad I can’t use the Rolleiflext until I can get it into Newcastle for a fix, but I still have the polaroid SX-70 to play with.  Hit and miss on focus as always but it never seems to matter.  I will call them soft~focus rather than blurry as  f*@k 🙂

A soft focus orchid

Shed flowers

The kimmidoll insurgency begins…

kitchen window selfie