Day 226

I think a fair few people will have old shoes they can’t go out in anymore that have been designated ‘garden shoes’. These one below are mine, and I bought them back in 2005 not long after Mum died, and with some of the money I had from the sale of her house after. I had never bought a pair of expensive shoes before, these cost £60 at the time. They were just what I always wanted and were immediately so comfy. They didn’t need ‘wearing in’ at all, and I think I must have worn them every day until the backs fell apart and the soles leaked. I was glum when they were just too much of a mess to go out in, but I couldn’t give them up, as they are a link to my Mum, and they now live by our back door and I change into them to go outside to the garden or the shed when it’s raining. I have replaced them with another pair of CAT boots, same company, and considering we are 14 years on, they cost the same. But I couldn’t get the new ones in the same colour, and the toe part is a slightly different shape that I’m not so keen on, but they are just as hard wearing and functional. I’ll never love them though, not like I do these.

Day 226 ~ Garden Shoes.