Day 54

Sophie and I had an outing today, firstly back to Wallington Hall, which we’d only visited in October, but we had heard that the crocuses in the walled garden had flowered early so went to see them.

There was a hazy low mist everywhere when we arrived, and I took my shot for today looking out at the landscape from the back of the hall.

Day 54 ~View at Wallington

I can’ resist though, this is what we came to see

Crocuses ~ Multi!

Day 49

I came home from work to find a big parcel waiting for me, and inside were my soaps, shaving soaps for Phil, lip balms, and bath bombs. All these came from Eddy  and were made by Eddy’s lovely Missis, Gosia from all sorts of natural goodies. They smell divine!

Here’s a link to Eddy’s website where you can find even more all sorts of natural goodies CLICK HERE.

Day 45

I think I’m having a crisis in my 365, I’m beginning to really dislike Black & White!! Everything looks better in colour!!!

I think it’s because today has been like a spring day, and I went out for a walk with my camera to get a shot for today, and there’s a bit of colour coming back into the landscape. Heaven knows how I’m going to cope in proper Spring! Still, that’s what my challenge is, to embrace B&W for a year.

So here’s my shot for today

Day 45

but I’m just gonna sneak this one in, no-one will notice I’m sure.